1.1.1. User profile

Every Yandex Map Editor cartographer has a User profile that is created automatically when they sign up for the service.

Your profile contains information about your contributions to YME.

You can only see your profile and the profiles of other Yandex Map Editor after you sign up for the service.

To see your profile, click on your username and select My profile in the menu that appears.

Note. Here you can also find the language field, Where you can choose from the list of the program interface language (English, Turkish and others).

The form that appears is your profile:

Your profile contains:

  • Your username

  • A “Moderator” designation if you are a YME moderator.

  • A Change profile button that opens a form where you can edit your profile (and post a short bio):

  • Contact email: the email address where you will receive notifications when satellite images are updated for the territory you keep track of or moderate (see Subscriptions), or Yandex.Maps updates that concern your edits.

    If you don't want to get these notifications, un-check the flag next to Get emails from Yandex Map Editor.

  • Information about the work Yandex Map Editor users have done: the number of edits on both the old and new Yandex Map Editor (figures are rounded), how long a user has worked as a cartographer, and a special mention if the user drew on the new Yandex Map Editor on the first day of its existence:

    • (): made more than 50 (1000) edits on the old Yandex Map Editor.
    • The pictograph displays a range of numbers indicating the number of edits a user has made: 0—50, 51—100, 101—500, 501—1000, etc. So if two users made 510 and 990 edits respectively, then their profiles will display the same pictograph: “Made more than 500 edits”.
    • — 2 years on Yandex Map Editor.
    • — Drew on the new Yandex Map Editor on the day it launched.

    This section also displays other pictographs (for example, and ).

    You can find out what each pictograph means by holding your cursor over it and reading the tooltip.

  • “Moderator” listing (for users who are Yandex Map Editor moderators): the name of the territory (for example, a region or area) and pictographs of the item categories that the user moderates.

  • “Expert” listing (for users who are experts) and pictographs of the item categories that the user has received expert status for drawing:

  • The number of edits the user made on the old Yandex Map Editor and their rating among map authors.

    If you click on a rating, you will see a list of authors who worked on Yandex Map Editor. The number of edits each user made and their “Top users” rating are indicated there.

    Top users are listed in descending order by rating and you can display information for a given period (click the appropriate button: Full history / For the week / For the month / For the quarter).

    Additionally, you can click Go to top to view the top users. To see the entry about yourself (marked “you”), click Find me.

  • Information about why you were blocked: if you were blocked by the moderator. Click More to open your list of violations.

If the moderator blocked you, then an entry will appear on your profile:

The same message appears on the screen.

To view your detailed violation history, click Violation history.

To view the profile of another user, click their name (in the history of a given map item, for example):

To send the user a message, click Message in their profile.