2.10.2. Map items: related edits

If an item needs to be edited (to avoid an error) as a result of another item being added or edited, this is called a related edit.

These situations may occur when you draw any item, but they are most common when drawing road networks.

For example, if you draw a road network within a block, it may include a driveway that curves. In correspondence with the rule for drawing bends in roads (see Draw bends), they must be drawn smoothly:

As you continue drawing the road network, that bend will become part of a T-shaped intersection:

If you draw a gradual turn, it will be considered an error. In correspondence with point T-shaped intersections should intersect at right angles (i.e. the angles should not be rounded).

To correct this error, you need to make a related edit to the shape of the driveway that was drawn earlier: