1.1. How to become a Yandex Map Editor cartographer

Any Yandex user can become a Yandex Map Editor author. To do this:

  1. Register and log in on Yandex.

  2. Log in to Yandex Map Editor.

    When you log in, your YME user profile is automatically generated.

  3. Select an area for mapping. You might choose an area that you know really well and then add some items that you can draw. But it's also possible to create a map of an area you're not familiar with.

    The satellite images serve as guides for drawing items in the Yandex Map Editor.

  4. Determine what map items you want to draw on the map and in what order.

    Review the list of recommendations for mapping order, which will help clarify the following:

    • What can be drawn on Yandex Map Editor
    • What hasn't been drawn on the selected map section yet
    • What information can be added to the map and in what order
  5. Review the methods creating objects on the map, read rule of work with objects.

  6. Start drawing.

    There are two processes involved in drawing map items:

    If you have any questions while drawing, take a look at the entries in the Yandex Map Editor Club . The answers may already be there.

    Things you draw on Yandex Map Editor will not end up on Yandex Maps right away. It takes some time to clear moderation.

Creating Yandex.Maps is a big responsibility: the roads you draw will be used to plot routes; organizations you add will end up in search results; and buildings, structures, and other map items that serve as landmarks.

To avoid errors and conflicts, we ask that you read the Terms of use for Yandex Map Editor and the Mapping Rules for Yandex Map Editor authors.

The Terms and Rules were developed to maintain uniformity across different areas of the map. Otherwise the map would not perform its key functions: routes would not be plotted correctly and landmarks would just lead users astray.


Users are considered novices for the first seven days after they register. They are subject to certain restrictions that don't apply to more experienced users. For example, the technical restrictions for creating map items are more strict for novices.