Changes and additions to the Mapping Rules

This section contains information about changes and additions to the Mapping Rules and other sections of the Yandex Map Editor help.

  • Added new option for road sections: “Poor condition”.

    See section Poor condition.

  • Updated rules for marking accessibility for bicyclists on high-class roads in cities where there are no sidewalks. Now if a road has a curb that bicyclists can ride on, you can mark that road as accessible to bicyclists.

    See point

  • Now the “Swamp” and “Outdoor pool” types of hydrographic items can be assigned to items of those types even if their names don't include those distinctions. See point

  • Clarified that official pet cemeteries can be added to the map. See point

  • Added rules for garage co-op addresses (only map these addresses in cases where they are linked to existing roads in a locality or administrative divisions. Don't map addresses linked directly to garage co-ops.)

    See point

  • Updated rules for naming naturally occurring map items in France. See point

  • Updated rules for naming ground transport stops. See point

  • Updated rules for drawing Location items of the Culture and recreation → Attractions and Monuments, sculptures types. See point

  • Updated rules for entering addresses of corner buildings that have two addresses (in Russia and other former Soviet countries). See point

  • Added rule that creates a new “Location” item when an organization moves to a new address and leaves a request at the old address to delete the item. See point

  • Moved the “Messages and user hypotheses about map errors” subsection: 2.11. Messages and user hypotheses about map errors.

  • Changed rule for naming motorways in Poland: capitalize road names. See point

  • In the 3.9.2. section A description for the Urban vegetation type was added and the Woodlands description was updated.

  • Point was extended to indicate that turns (or exit ramps) at intersections separated from the main road by a solid line should be drawn using separate lines (i.e. road sections).

  • Point was extended to indicate that streets in a locality that share the same name should be linked to the districts or city blocks where they are located according to official sources. This is an exception to the “Link streets to localities” rule. If you can't find information about a street's location in official sources, then link the street to the district or block that it is generally considered to belong to.
  • Point Highways without a number, but with a proper name now also includes winter roads and ice crossings.

  • Point was extended to indicate that road sections should also be drawn with two lines in cases where oncoming-traffic lanes are delineated by a solid line.

  • Rules for word order in certain geographic names have been updated: certain geographic types are written after posessive adjectives. For example: Vankina Guba, Rybachy Peninsula. See point
  • Added rules for naming localities whose names consist of proper names and indications of the organizations that they belong to. See point
  • The rules for when you can switch between one and two lines for road drawings have been updated (see point

  • The rules for entering names of the “Also known as” type have been updated for some unnumbered highways with proper names (see point

  • Adjusted the naming rules for road structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.) and the road sections that they are located on: if they are both named, then you should enter both names at the same time (as both road section items and road structure items). See points and
  • You can draw free-standing garages on the map if they form a cluster of such garages. See point 1.2.2.
  • Adjusted the rule for changing the type of organizations after they close. For some types of organizations, the type doesn't change; for others, the type changes to “attractions”. See point
  • Adjusted the rule for formating caption names for localities of the “farmstead” type: write out the full (unabbreviated) name. See point
  • Adjusted rules governing when parking can be labeled as free: if signs indicate that parking is free more than 40% of the time between 08:00-20:00 during a given month, and parking is forbidden the rest of the time, then you should indicate that parking is free during that time period and forbidden during the rest of the time. See point

  • Adjusted rules regarding what administrative divisions should be assigned to level-5 (city districts). See City district (Level 5).

  • Clarified the rule for assigning the Center attribute: enter a District center for administrative centers of districts, municipal districts, and city districts (see Center).

  • Changed rules for drawing linear parking in cities: point now applies to all cities.


Document structure and categories changed:

  • Mapping rules are now divided between global (those that apply to maps of any country) and local (those that only apply to certain countries).

  • The document section numbering scheme changed: the scheme applies to the whole document including the sections in group “1. What is Yandex Map Editor?” and group “2. Working with the map.”

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