2.10.10. Author notifications

Every Yandex Map Editor author can view their activity history (list of notification), including:

  • About your edits, meaning item edit and creation transactions (see My edits);
  • For messages that were sent to the author by moderators and other users (see Inbox);
  • For comments that they added to map items (see Comments);
  • For the edits of all users within the bounds of the shaded areas (see Subscriptions).

To view the list of notifications, click Notifications (The button is located to the right of the button Create).

If you got a new message and haven't read it yet, then you'll see a red dot on the button:

The “Notifications” window has four tabs:

  • My edits
  • Inbox
  • My comments
  • Subscriptions
My edits

The “My edits” tab displays a list of the edits you've made:

Every entry contains the item's name and type, the author's name, the date and time of the operation, and a description of what was done (for example, “Shape changed”).

If your edit was approved by the moderator, then the entry will be marked .

To view detailed information about an operation, click on that line in the list and a card will open with a Go to history link:

Clicking the link centers the map on the map item. The item will be highlighted and the item history panel opens.


All messages are now displayed in the YME chats, which is why the “Inbox” tab refers users to the YME with the Open chat button.

Click the button to open the Yandex Map Editor chats window, where you can message other users.

To learn more about chats and messages, see Yandex.Help: Desktop chats.

My comments

The “My comments” tab contains the list of comments that you have written. See Section 2.10.7. Item: Add comment), as well as messages and complaints you've sent.

Each entry includes a link to the history of the item referred to in the comment.


The “Subscriptions” tab displays a list of your subscriptions (names of territories you've selected). You will get messages about edits in your regions.

There are no entries when you first start:

To enter a subscription region:

  1. Click Add a subscription.
  2. Draw a subscription region on the map and give it a name:

    A region is drawn as a simple polygon (see Drawing simple polygon items). When a subscription region is created, the number of points the polygon has should not exceed 200.

    There are no restrictions on the number of subscriptions.

  3. Click Save to save the region you selected as your subscription region:

    If you click on a subscription region name, a list of notifications regarding all edits made on that region's territory will open:

To exit from the “Notifications” window, click Close .


Users can also receive email notifications (see 1.1.1. User profile: E-mail for communication).