3.6.3. Entrances to organizations outside Indoor maps

This section describes how to draw entrances to organizations outside Indoor maps. For information on how to edit entrances on Indoor maps, see 3.18.3. Entrances to organizations on Indoor maps.

Entrances to organizations are added to entrances:

  • Leading to organizations located in residential buildings.
  • Leading to separate organizations located in other buildings.

There are two ways to add an entrance to an organization:

  1. By adding an entrance to the building and then linking it to the organization or linking an existing entrance (see Adding an entrance to a building and then linking it to an organization).
  2. Using the interface for editing entrances in the organization card.

    To add/edit an entrance/entrances to an organization:

    1. Select the organization and switch to editing mode:

    2. Click Create new entrance:

    3. Set the entrance at the appropriate location:

    4. Click Save:


Entrances to car washes and similar organizations are considered as such if there is an entrance for customers or a single entrance to the territory of the organization.