4.1.6. Rules for attributing places (organizations)

Follow these rules when entering names of places (organizations):

  1. The rules specify the names of the administrations
  2. Rules for defining names of memorial sites
  3. Rules for naming housing and utility objects The rules specify the names of the administrations

For various types of administrations (subcategory State → government authorities, administration), there are multiple ways to write their names.

In accordance with the hierarchy of the administrative divisions of Russia (see Section Administrative subordination), a number of administrative management structures are distinguished (a dash in the cell means that the name of this type is not applicable to this administrative division level):

Administrative division level Official name Name for caption Also known as
State (1)

The Administration Of The President Of The Russian Federation

Administration of the President of Russia

Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia

Council of the Russian Federation

State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia

State Duma of Russia

Government of the Russian Federation

Government of Russia

Federal Area (2)

Administration of the Siberian Federal Area

Administration of the Siberian FA

Region (2)

Administration of the President of the Republic jf Tatarstan

Administration of the President of Tatarstan or Administration of President of the Republic

Public Office of Moscow Regional Governor

Public Office of Moscow Region Governor or Public Office of Regional Governor

Council of Deputies for the Lipetsk region

Council of Regional Deputies

Regional Council of Deputies

Moscow Regional Duma

Regional Duma

Reg. Duma

Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Region

Regional Leg. Assembly

Administration of Vladimir Region

Regional Administration

Reg. Administration

Government of [name] region/province/republic

Government of [name] region/province/republic

District, city region (3)

Administration of the Domodedovo City Area

District administration

[city region]

Administration of the Alapaevskoe Municipality

District administration

Administration of the Baksansky Municipal District

District administration 1)

Administration of the Sergievo-Posadsky Municipal District

District administration 2)

Council of Deputies for the Pushkinsky Municipal District

Council of Deputies for Region

Regional Council of Deputies

Council of Deputies of Elektrostal City District

Council of Deputies for Region

Regional Council of Deputies

Gorodishchensky Regional Duma

Regional Duma

Duma of Arsenevsky City Region

Regional Duma or City Duma

Legislative Assembly of Vologda Municipal District

Regional Leg. Assembly

Assembly of Deputies of Yoshkar-Ola City District

City Assembly of Deputies

Settlement — municipal, village (3)

Administration of Khotkovo Municipal Settlement

Settlement Administration

Administration of Sergeiv Posad Municipal Settlement

Settlement Administration2)

[municipal settlement]

Administration of the Urdomskoe Municipality

Settlement Administration

Assembly of Deputies of Neftegorsk City District

Assembly of Settlement Representatives

Administration of Glebovsky Village Settlement

Village administration

[village settlement]

Administration of the Soyginskoe Municipality

Village administration

Administration of the Selo Nedelnoe Village Settlement

Village administration

Village Assembly of the Volokonovsky Settlement

Village Assembly

Locality (4)

Korolyov City Administration

City Administration

City Admin.

Territorial Office of the Village of Raguli

Territorial Office

Village Administration

[city with the surrounding area]

Administration of the Municipal City of Alapaevskoe

City Administration3)

City Admin.

City of Arkhangelsk Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office

Lyubertsy City Administration

City Administration

Administration of Lyubertsy Municipal Settlement

Council of Deputies for the City of Belgorod

City Council of Deputies

Municipal Duma of City of Nizhniy Novgorod

City Duma

Duma of City

Legislative Assembly for City of Sochi

Municipal Leg. Assembly

City district (5), block (7), subdistrict (7)

Administration of the Zaeltsovsky District of the City of Novosibirsk

Administration of the Zaeltsovsky District

Village Assembly4)

Territorial Management of the Lesnaya Polyana Residential District

Management of the Lesnaya Polyana District

Board of the Zapadnoe Degunino District of Moscow

Board of the Zapadnoe Degunino District

Prefecture of the NE District of Moscow

Prefecture of the NE District

Administration of the Yuryevets Subdistrict

Subdistrict Administration Yuryevets

Local (rural) administrations (4)

Board of Rucheyek

Board of Farmers' Co-op


1) In the caption field for an administrative district, you can write out the proper name of the region if one locality contains different administrations of the same type (district administration and city administration).

Administration of Permsky District и Administration of Motovilikhinsky District

2)In this example, two separate state administrative organs are located in the same building: the district administration and the settlement administration. In these cases, you must draw each administration as a separate item.

3)In this example, the municipal administration (city district) and the city are united in one structure. You should create one “Location” item and have its “For caption on map” name refer to the city administration, while the “Also known as” name should refer to the municipal administration.

4) _ Does not apply

Names of administrative bodies in other countries should likewise be translated (transliterated) in accordance with accepted English grammar norms. For example:

  • Ukraine

    Official (English) — Supreme Council of Ukraine, Druzhelyubovsky Village Council.

    For caption (English) — Supreme Council, Druzhelyubovsky Village.

    Official (Ukrainian) — Дружелюбівська сільська рада.

    For caption on map (Ukrainian) — Дружелюбівська сільрада.

  • Belorus:

    Official (English) — Ivanovsky Village Council.

    For caption (English) — Ivanovsky Village Council.

  • Kazakhstan:

    Official (English) — City of Rudniy Local Council.

    For caption (English) — City Council.

  • USA:

    English — Texas State Legislature.

    For caption (English) — State Legislature.

    Also known as (English) — Texas Legislative Assembly. Rules for defining names of memorial sites

Item type (such as monument, memorial tablet, and bas-relief) is only specified for general memorials or if it isn't mentioned in the category name.

In all cases, the official name of the memorial indicates:

  • Who or what the item is dedicated to (including a person's last name, initials, or the name of an organization or event).;
  • Brief comment explaining what the memorial pays tribute to (such as Hero of War A.I. Ivanov or First power plant).

The name for the caption should be as short as possible (without loss of meaning).

For example:

Type of memorial Official name Name for caption
a) Monument, memorial Vladimir Lenin Vladimir Lenin
Bust of Karl Marx Karl Marx
b) Monument to technology Passenger Airplane YK-42 YK-42
M-30 Howitzer M-30 Howitzer
c) Generalized monument or memorial Memorial Complex Dedicated to Burnt Villages Memorial Complex Dedicated to Burnt Villages
Alley Commemorating Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant Workers Who Lost Their Lives in World War II Alley of Heroic Workers Who Died in WWII
d) Memorial to a group of people Monument to Komsomol Members Who Were Executed During the German Occupation Monument to Komsomol Members
Monument to the Fallen in the Local Wars of the 20th Century Monument to the Fallen in Local Wars
e) Monuments to individual objects, animals, or fairytale characters Time is Money Time is Money
Emelya on the Wood Stove Emelya on the Wood Stove
f) Monuments constructed at the site of an event Site of Alexander Pushkin's Duel at Chyornaya Rechka Site of Alexander Pushkin's Duel
g) Memorial plaques and commemorative signs in honor of those who lost their lives Memorial Stone to Dmitry Onika, Honorary Citizen of Novomoskovsk Dmitry Onika
Memorial Plaque to Alexander Semyonov, Honorary Power Engineer of the USSR Alexander Semyonov

h) Obelisks at the entrance to cities, city districts, regions, etc.

Myasnikovsky District / Aksaysky District

Myasnikovsky District / Aksaysky District

Vladimirskaya Region Vladimirskaya Region
City of Pokrov Pokrov
i) Graves of famous people Artist Arkhip Kuindzhi Arkhip Kuindzhi
Note. Monuments to technology dedicated to widely known items shouldn't have the item type in their name. Rules for naming housing and utility objects

Enter names for housing and utilities services following this format:

  • Official name ─ item type with no abbreviation, number (identification) and/or proper name (if applicable).

  • Name for caption ─ abbreviation of an item type (if required), a number (identification) or a proper name (if applicable).

Enter the item's number (identification) using the # symbol. Don't use a hyphen with it:

  • True: TP NO. 310A
  • Incorrectly: TP-310A

Here is a list of item types and organization branches that can be abbreviated in proper names of the “For caption on map” type:

HPS Hydraulic power station
MSDS Main Step-down Station

Gas Control Unit

GDP Gas Distribution Station
DPS Drainage Pumping Station
SPS Sewage Pumping Station
RPS Rainwater Pumping Station
SP Switching Point
ES Electrical Substation
DP Distribution Point
HPS Heat Pumping Station
TS Transformer Substation
DTS Distribution Transformer Substation
TsHP Central Heat Point

You can use other abbreviations for the same items if they are commonly used locally or in official sources (HPS — HS).

For example:

Official name Name for caption
Strelka Electrical Substation Strelka
Transformer Substation #8904 TS #8904
Central Heat Point #21 TsHP #21
Leninskaya Hydraulic Power Station Leninskaya HPS
Zapadno-Strelochnaya Rain Pumping Station No. 4 Zapadno-Strelochnaya RPS #4
Dzerzhinsk 1 Gas Distribution Station Dzerzhinsk 1
If you only know the item type:
Sewage Pumping Station SPS
Cell phone tower Telecom tower
Boiler house -
Pumping Station -

In official item names, it is preferable to use a hyphen.

You can use the name that contains a dash as a synonym.