2.3.4. Dashcam snapshots

Another source of data for drawing on Yandex Map Editor is dashcam snapshots.

Most of these images are taken on city streets, so they can primarily be used for drawing roads, interchanges, and buildings.

To see dashcam snapshots:

  1. Click (Dashcam snapshots).

    The map will display points where individual photos were taken (indicated by green circles) and green lines are used to connect sequential pictures:

  2. When you hold your cursor over the image point, it will appear in a pop-up window next to it:

  3. If you click the point, the image opens a window:

    This window includes:

    • A map fragment (in the lower-left corner) where the image displays as a yellow dot and the direction is represented by the yellow "light" that radiates out from it:

      You can select a different image point from that fragment.

    • An image (video frame) or series of images (video) made at a given point with the video date indicated.

      When you select a particular image (video frame), it will be framed in yellow and enlarged:

      Icons (white arrows) will appear on the enlarged image. Click on them to scroll through to the next (“forward” arrow) or previous (“backward” arrow) images in the series.

      When you click through to a different image, the image placemark changes on the map fragment.

  4. To hide dashcam images, click (Dashcam snapshots) again.