2.2.3. Change the map scale

There are three ways to change the map scale:
  1. Using the and buttons.

  2. Using the mouse wheel: roll it towards you to decrease the scale (“zoom out”); roll it away from you to increase the scale (“zoom in”).
  3. Using the mouse. Using the mouse button: double-click on the map to increase the scale (“zoom in”); right-click to decrease it (“zoom out”). Map scale

Map scale: the ratio between the size of an image and the size of the actual item it represents. For example, “Scale 1:100 000” means that the image of an item on a map is 100,000 times smaller than the actual item.

Scale is a constant value on printed maps, but it may change on electronic ones.

On Yandex Map Editor, scale is indicated in relative units between 1 and 21. You can see the current scale value in the map's URL (“М” in the “=M&ll=” group):

Here are the approximate scale equivalences between Yandex.Maps and “printed maps”:

  • 9 ~ 1:1 000 000
  • 12 ~ 1:100 000
  • 14 ~ 1:25 000
  • 16 ~ 1:10 000
  • 17 ~ 1:5 000

The complete range of Yandex.Maps scales is only available in areas where satellite images of sufficient quality are available.