3.11. Terrain

Terrain is represented using placemarks and polygons on the map, for example:

  • Vertex — the peak of the mountain (represented by a placemark):

  • Mountain pass — a descent in the crest of a mountain range. Mountain passes are places where it is easier to pass between mountain valleys (represented using placemarks):

  • Island — a piece of land that is surrounded by water on all sides (represented by a polygon):

    Sections of land that are surrounded by water due to seasonal changes (floods or tides) are not considered islands. You should not use reservoir polygons or terrain types to map these sections of land.

  • Archipelago — a group of several Islands (polygonal map item):

  • Other terrain items: all terrain items that do not correspond to one of the other types (polygons). For example, meteor craters:

For more information, see sections: