2.10.9. Message to author of edit

Every item on the map has a drawing and editing history.

From an item's history, you can send a message to the author of any edit.

Your message should relate to that item and meet the general requirements for item comments in YME (see section3.1. General rules).

Unlike comments, which are visible to all users, your message will only be available to the recipient.

To send a message to the author of an edit:

  1. Select the item on the map (the item will light up and the attribute panel opens):

  2. Click History of map item. In the “History of map item” window, click the appropriate edit (which was made by the author you want to send a message to):

  3. The Message to author of edit button will appear next to that edit:

    To send the user a message, click Message in their profile.

    The Yandex Map Editor chat window will appear, where you can enter your message.

    To learn more about chats and messages, see Yandex.Help: Desktop chats.

    The user's edit data persists even if they delete their Yandex account. However, you won't be able to message them if that happens.