2.10.9. Message for user who edited object

Every item on the map has a history of creation and edits.

From the item's history, you can send a message to the author of any particular edit.

Your comments should relate to that item and meet the general requirements for text items on Yandex Map Editor (see Section 3.1. General rules).

Unlike comments that are visible to all users, your message will only be seen by the person who made the edit.

To send a message to the user who edited an item:

  1. Select the item on the map (when selected, the item is highlighted and the attribute panel appears):

  2. ClickHistory of map item. In the “History of map item” window, click on the edit made by the person you want to send a message to:

  3. The Message to author of editbutton will appear next to that edit:

    To send the user a message, click Message in their profile.

    The Map Editor chat window appears, where you can enter your message.

    If the user deleted their Yandex account, the information about their edits remains, but you can't send them a message.