3.4. Buildings

This section contains information about map items that belong to the “Buildings” category on YME .

Buildings (structures) on YME display as polygons that contain information about their location, shape, height, function (residential, public, etc.) and condition (under construction, abandoned, etc.).

For more information, see sections:

Sometimes, buildings or compounds of a more complex nature (e.g. some monuments) make use of preset 3D models stored in dedicated files that are then displayed on Yandex.Maps.

The regulations and requirements for three-dimensional models. See Section Requirements for the three-dimensional models of buildings.

Note. Items that display as 3-D models on Yandex Map Editor can not be edited.

One such 3D model is used to display the compound comprising the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow (left: Map Editor display, right: Yandex.Maps display):