4.1.4. Adding attributes to addresses

General rules for entering house numbers can be found in section Number. Number

Enter the house number as the “Official” name.

Follow these rules when entering numbers:
Order for entering information about addresses (note that many Russian terms are just translated as "building"):
  • building or housing complex number
  • building number (litera)
  • building number (korpus)
  • building (stroenie)
  • wing

  • structure (sooruzhenie)
  • any other information (such as that entered using the “/”, “-”, or “,” characters)
Abbreviations, that you should use in the address:
  • building → “bdg.”;
  • Building → “Bldg”

  • Structure → “Stru”

  • apartment → “apt”

    Used in addresses of private homes that consist of two or more parts with individual entrances and (usually) a separate plot of land. In these cases you can write the apartment number if the official address is listed on cadastral maps.

    In these addresses, you can abbreviate “Apartment” as “apt” (for example, 39 Sovetskaya St., apt. 1).

  • section → “sec”

    Does not apply.

    Only use the “sec” abbreviation when entering addresses for cemetery plots and in cases where its absence would result in duplicate addresses:

    If the houses in a locality, cottage settlement, or farming co-op do not have addresses but the land plots are numbered and basically stand in for addresses, then write these numbers without using the "sec" abbreviation.

  • Does not apply.

Only use characters from the language you are using to enter addresses. In English, you should only use characters from the Latin alphabet.
All abbreviated terms in addresses (Bldg, Apt, etc.) should be uppercase.
  • Bldg (building)
  • Sec (section)
  • Str (structure)
  • Apt (apartment)
  • Sec (section)

Examples of addresses:

  • 12 Planernaya St., Bldg. 7
  • 12А Svyazistov St., Bldg. 7
  • 12А Karbysheva St., Block A
  • 87А Varshavskoe Hwy
  • Does not apply
  • Does not apply
  • Does not apply
  • Does not apply
  • Does not apply
  • Does not apply