3.1.2. Terms of use Source of information

The main source of information is whatever the user can collect first-hand: notepad entries, videos, and photographs.

You can consult third-party sources when working on the map, but only if the use of these sources does not break the rules (see the user agreement, etc.).

Sources that infringe on these rules can not be used, even if they are open source and/or on the internet.

Digital and paper maps or diagrams are examples of third-party sources. Websites of institutions and organizations that contain contact information and list working hours are another example of such sources.

If the information is not used locally but is confirmed by official documents issued by the relevant department, you can include it in the data while attaching the source of the information in the comments, if possible (this rule doesn't apply to public transport layer items).

The user undertakes not to allow the publication of Data obtained by automatic extraction from third-party databases without the proper consent of the database owners, as well as not to allow the publication of Data that may violate the rights of third parties. The user undertakes not to use any programs or bots for automatic Data publication. Authenticity of information

Only reliable information can be posted on Yandex Map Editor.

If the accuracy or currency of information is in question, then such information can not be posted on YME. apos;s accuracy. Complete information

We recommend consulting as much information about a given map item as possible. If you can't access important information though, you don't need to enter values for all the item's attributes (or you can just draw the item's shape without assigning it attributes). The objectivity of the information

All information about a map item should be as objective as possible. In the map item comments, you can state your opinion regarding how the item should be drawn or how its attributes should be assigned, but stating your opinion about the item itself is forbidden. Information of a subjective nature will be deleted from the map.

For example, names like “my house” or comments like “awful hotel” are subjective. Comments like “move the outline from the roof to the foundation” are allowed, but those like “this cafe's food tastes terrible” are not. Advertising information

It is forbidden to post advertising on the map.

This does not include contact information (the organization's phone number, a link to its site) or information about the type of activity that the organization engages in.