3.4. Buildings

This section contains information about map items that belong to the “Buildings” category on YME .

Buildings (structures) on YME display as polygons that contain information about their location, shape, height, function (residential, public, etc.) and condition (under construction, abandoned, etc.).

For more information, see sections:

Sometimes, buildings or compounds of a more complex nature (e.g. some monuments) make use of preset 3D models stored in dedicated files that are then displayed on Yandex.Maps.

For regulations and requirements for three-dimensional models, see Section Requirements for three-dimensional models of buildings.

Some buildings on Yandex.Maps (e.g. shopping malls) include indoor maps. To learn more about requirements for indoor maps, see Section 3.18. Indoor maps.

Note. Items that are displayed as 3D models or have indoor maps on Yandex Map Editor can not be edited.

For example, one such 3D model is used to display the compound comprising the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow (on the left — Yandex Map Editor, on the right — Yandex.Maps):