Nethouse goals

If your site was created in Nethouse, Yandex.Metrica can automatically create goals to track certain events on the site. For example, ordering, purchasing, or sending feedback forms.

How it works

For Yandex.Metrica to start collecting data on Nethouse goals:

  1. In the tag settings, enable the Automatic goals option.

No other Yandex.Metrica or Constructor settings are required.

Nethouse goals are automatically created to track the events listed in the table.

Goal name in the interface Event ID
Subscription to mailing list ym-subscription-confirm
Get receipt notification form ym-new-income-form-confirm
Product ordered ym-order-form-product-confirm
Service ordered ym-order-form-service-confirm
Order in 1 click ym-one-click-form-confirm
Contact us form ym-feedback-form-confirm
Callback form ym-callback-form-confirm
Sending a lead form ym-lead-form-confirm
Viewing the shopping cart ym-page-cart
Order placed ym-page-checkout
Payment completed ym-page-pay

You can manage automatic Nethouse goals just like other automatic goals: edit and delete.

If you need to track other events in Yandex.Metrica, you can add them manually (see How to configure goals in Yandex.Metrica).

Where to view statistics

To view statistics on goals, use the Conversions report: data appears in the report when Yandex.Metrica registers at least one event. You can also add goals to other Yandex.Metrica reports to track user behavior.


  • Automatic goals are not counted in the total number of tag goals.
  • This type of goal can't be used in Multi-step goals.
  • The service registers a user that completes the same goal on the same tag no more than once per second.
  • During a single user session, the service can register up to 400 completions of all the goals created for a tag.
  • If you edit a tag or goal, previously collected information doesn't change.
  • If you delete a goal, information collected for it, is no longer available in reports.