“Long-term interests” report (old version)

Attention. Data is no longer updated in this report because Yandex.Metrica has a new in-depth report on long-term interests of the site's audience.

This report shows how much your site's users are interested in various topics, and also lets you analyze users' behavior on the site depending on their interests. User interests are calculated by analyzing user behavior on the internet with Crypta technology. Because of how this technology is applied, the number of sessions shown in the report might be less than in other reports from the service.

The report shows data on 14 popular subjects (cars, movies, realty, tourism, and others). The same subjects are used for targeting media ads.

The affinity index is calculated for each subject. This indicates how strongly the subject interests site users compared to the internet audience as a whole:

  • A value close to 100% means that the users' interest in the subject does not differ from the average on the internet.
  • If, on the contrary, the affinity index significantly exceeds 100%, the topic may be attractive to your audience. For example, an index of 200% for cars means that your site's users are interested in the topic of cars twice as much as average internet users.

By analyzing the affinity index, you can reveal your audience's tangent interests. For example, you might find out that your target users are interested in both cars and finances.

By comparing the affinity index to other indicators in the report (sessions, bounces, and conversion rate), you can determine the preferences of users who have the highest conversion rate.