Link map

The link map is a tool for analyzing link click stats for your site. Links are highlighted in different colors on the map depending on their popularity.

When you click a link, the following data is displayed:

  • The number of clicks on the link.
  • The percentage of clicks out of the total for that page.
  • The map is only displayed on the site pages where the Yandex.Metrica tag is installed, and only if the site uses UTF-8 encoding.
  • The report doesn't highlight redirect links (including internal redirects). Yandex.Metrica lets you display redirects to other sites using the trackLinks parameter.
  • When building a map from a URL, elements such as www, advertising tags, and the part of the link following # are removed from the URL, but regular URL parameters are not excluded. This is why the click map for the page will not be the same as for
  • Internet Explorer versions 8.0 and earlier are not supported.

Statistics on a group of pages

To view statistics for a group of pages, you can use extra characters in the URL box.

Characters used for displaying statistics
*Matches any number of any characters

Display data for all pages with URLs that start with, including the specified page:*.

If you enter the address without extra characters, Yandex.Metrica provides a drop-down suggestion with the * character

~The condition is a regular expressionShow data for pages with URLs that match the regular expression. For example: ~*

Let's look at an example. You need to get statistics on pages in the directory In order for this data to be shown on the map, enter* in the address box (after you enter it, the same address is shown in the drop-down suggestion). Data is loaded automatically.

The map will be displayed on the most popular page with a URL that matches what you specified. Numeric indicators (the number of click-throughs from the link, the percent of referrals) will be combined for all the pages that match the condition.

Showing data in an iframe

If your site is protected from being shown in an iframe (the X-Frame-Options header is used in the server settings), the collected data won't be available for viewing. To view the site's session data, you must change the server settings and add an exception for the domain and subdomains, as well as for your site's domain. Use the regular expression


If you use nginx, add the following exceptions to your configuration:

location / {
        set $frame_options '';
        if ($http_referer !~ '^https?:\/\/([^\/]+\.)?(yourdomain\.com|webvisor\.com)\/'){
            set $frame_options 'SAMEORIGIN';
        add_header X-Frame-Options $frame_options;

where yourdomain\.com is the site's domain name. Use your site's domain zone (it may differ from .com).

Page size restriction

In order to display data on the map, the website pages must meet certain size restrictions. The values below are for displaying the map in various browsers:

BrowserMaximum page height/width (in pixels)Maximum number of pixels
Mozilla Firefox32,767472,907,776 (22,528 x 20,992)
Chrome32,767268,435,456 (16,384 x 16,384)
Internet Explorer8,19267,108,864 (8,192 x 8,192)