Cookies set by Yandex.Metrica

Yandex.Metrica provides depersonalized information about your site's traffic. The available statistics include the number of users, traffic sources, and user behavior on site pages. To keep track of users, Yandex.Metrica uses anonymous browser identifiers that are stored in cookies. Cookies are set at the top-level domain, such as

Name of cookiePeriod of validityDescriptionDomain where it is set
_ym_isad2 daysUsed to determine if a visitor has ad blockersThe domain where the tag is installed
_ym_uid1 yearUsed for identifying site users
_ym_dDate of the user's first site session
yabs-sidUntil the session endsSession IDAll Yandex.Metrica domains
_ym_debugIndicates that debug mode is active
_ym_mp2_substsUsed for Target Call
i1 yearUsed for identifying site users
usstStores auxiliary information for syncing site user IDs between different Yandex domains
_ym_visorc_*30 minutesAllows Session Replay to function correctly
_ym_hostIndex1 dayLimits the number of requests
_ym_mp2_track30 daysUsed for Target Call
zz90 daysUsed for identifying site users