Why use Session Replay 2.0

Attention. Session Replay 2.0 is in beta mode.

Session Replay 2.0 doesn't require detailed configuration, and it records the exact content that the user saw when they visited the site.

Dynamic content

Session Replay 2.0 records the content that is formed while the user is viewing the page. For example, this might be product offers in a store's search results that are “shuffled” as the user scrolls the page: new offers are selected based on products that were just viewed. Or individual collections of articles on a news portal, based on which materials the user has already read.

Content from connected services and advertising

Some types of content are created by third-party services that are connected to the site. This includes different types of online chats or recommendation systems, such as selections of recommended items. Advertising blocks also belong to this category of content.

Session Replay 2.0 records these elements with high precision. This means that you can evaluate the return from third-party services and track how advertising affects user behavior.

Traffic from mobile devices

Session Replay 2.0 records switching from the desktop to the mobile version of a site when it occurs without refreshing the page, and displays the page correctly when the screen is rotated.