Connecting Google Ads to upload expense data

If you place ads in Google Ads, you can set up regular transmission of data on advertising expenses in Yandex.Metrica. You can use it to compare the performance of ads in Google Ads with other paid channels.

Information about ad campaign expenses and clicks is transferred from your Google Ads account to Yandex.Metrica. When data is transmitted, Yandex.Metrica compares the URL in ads with the site address in the tag settings. This ensures that only information about an advertising campaign that was created for your site is uploaded.

Data is transmitted daily for the past seven days, so statistics are regularly supplemented and updated. To view statistics, use the Sources, costs, and ROI report.

How to connect the service

If you have several Yandex accounts, use the one that you will use to work with expenses data. After connecting to the service, you can only interact with it using the Yandex account that the connection was created under.

  1. Make sure that the URLs of your ads contain UTM tags. To add them, you can use a tracking template. Example of a URL with tags created from a template:
  2. In Yandex.Metrica, go to Settings (Upload data tab).
  3. In Advertising expenses (Automatic cost upload), choose Google Ads.
  4. Click Connect Google Ads.
  5. Select the Google account that you use to work with the ad campaign.
  6. Add the name of the connection and select the Google Ads account that you want to upload data from.
  7. Click Start transmitting data.
You can create a connection for multiple tags:
  1. Make sure that your Yandex account has access to the tags that you need to create a connection for.
  2. Create a connection as described above for one of the tags.
  3. For the other tags, select the connection created in step 2.

How to delete data from Yandex.Metrica

We recommend deleting data by date and UTM tags.