Automatic goals

Yandex.Metrica collects data about various activities on a website. It can create goals automatically based on certain actions:

Action on the website What Yandex.Metrica tracks
Click on email All email addresses. Yandex.Metrica recognizes email addresses by the presence of mailto:<address> in links.
Click on a phone number All phone numbers. Yandex.Metrica recognizes phone numbers by the presence of tel in links.
Button click Clicking on all buttons or other clickable elements on the website. Yandex.Metrica recognizes clickable website elements by the presence of the following tags: a, button, div, and input.
Open messenger Transitions to any messenger used for feedback on the website. For example, WhatsApp, Viber, VK Messenger, and Facebook Messenger. Yandex.Metrica recognizes messengers by the presence of their URLS in links.
Form submission Submission of all forms of feedback on the website. The form is identified by the presence on the site of the form element and some form parameters: id, name, or the DOM element path.
File download

Downloads of any files on the website.

File types
  • Document
  • Text
  • Executable file
  • Presentation
  • Applications
  • Compressed file
  • Video
  • Audio
Supported extensions
  • 3GP
  • 7Z
  • AAC
  • AVI
  • APK
  • CSV
  • DJVU
  • DOCX
  • EXE
  • FLAC
  • FLV
  • GZ
  • KEY
  • MIDI
  • MKA
  • MKV
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • MSI
  • OGG
  • PDF
  • PKG
  • PPS
  • PPT
  • PPTX
  • RAR
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • wmf
  • XLSX
  • ZIP
Site search How often people use site search. Yandex.Metrica recognizes addresses by the presence of q, text, query, or search.
Communication in the Jivo chat

Track events transmitted by Jivo: customer wrote to chat, responded to operator's invitation, left offline message, and so on.

Note. Automatic goals are not available for automatically generated tags.

For Yandex.Metrica to start collecting data, enable the option Automatic goals in the tag settings. For recently created tags, and for those that do not have targets yet or are rarely used, this option is enabled by default. The goal appears in the list on the page Goals with a name such as “Auto-goal: Open messenger”.

To view goal statistics, use the Conversions report and add the goal to other Yandex.Metrica reports.

You can manage automatic goals:

1. Edit

For automatic goals, you can edit the name, income, and enable or disable the Retargeting option. You can't edit the other fields.

2. Delete

To delete a goal, click . You can't restore a goal after you delete it, but you can recreate it manually.


  • Automatic goals are not counted in the total number of tag goals.
  • This type of goal can't be used in Multi-step goals.
  • The service registers a user that completes the same goal on the same tag no more than once per second.
  • During a single user session, the service can register up to 400 completions of all the goals created for a tag.
  • If you edit a tag or goal, previously collected information doesn't change.
  • If you delete a goal, information collected for it is no longer available in reports.

Select a question to find a solution.

Goals in Yandex.Metrica work the same way for any source. Perhaps there aren't any users who have completed the goal from this source yet.

This might happen for the following reasons:
  • The goal condition in Yandex.Metrica doesn't cover all the possibilities. For example, the goal is set as going to the order confirmation page, but the site also allows instant checkout without visiting this page.
  • The site user has a browser plugin that blocks the Yandex.Metrica tag, so this user isn't counted.
  • The user has an antivirus system with strict privacy settings.
  • The user has a slow internet connection, so the Yandex.Metrica tag didn't load on the target page.