“Loyalty” reports

Metrica can detect sessions from users returning to your site. The reports display statistics for the entire history of the tag's operation for users who have been to your site in the selected report period.

The Loyalty group includes the following reports:

  • Total number of visits per user
  • Visit frequency
  • Time since first visit
  • Time since penultimate visit

You can view information on the number of user sessions and their frequency (average number of days between sessions) in the first two reports. These reports only count users that have visited your site at least twice in the reporting period and since the tag was first installed.

Metrica records the first session of all returning users. The time since the first session is known as the user’s “age”. The last two reports in this section display the user age and time since first session.

The reports can be studied in reference to goals. The distribution of total number of user sessions in the cross-section of goals will show when the site's users reach a set goal.