“Search engines” report

This report ranks search engines by the number of visitors you receive from them. For each search engine, there is information about the search queries that gave users a link to your site in search results.

Yandex.Metrica uses the referrer to identify this source. You can also define the traffic source by forming a URL with UTM tags. In this case, you must correctly specify the utm_source and utm_medium parameters.

Set the value of the utm_source parameter as:

  • yandex — For Yandex search.
  • google — For Google search.
  • go.mail.ru — For Mail.ru search.

If the UTM tag specifies a different value for the utm_source parameter that isn't listed above, Yandex.Metrica identifies the traffic source from the organic value for the utm_medium parameter. In the report, these sessions will be assigned to the source Other search engine: determined by tags.