Checking a goal

To check whether information about completed goals is sent to Yandex.Metrica:
  1. Append the ym_debug parameter with the value 1 to the page URL in the browser's address bar, and reload the page.
  2. Open the browser console with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J ( + + J for Apple OS).
  3. Perform the targeted action on the page. If the goal is configured correctly, the console will show the tag ID and a message about the completed goal.

If the console doesn't show any data, it means the goal wasn't registered by Yandex.Metrica for any of a number of reasons.

Why aren't my goals registering?

Yandex.Metrica can't register conversions in the following cases:

  • The tag isn't installed on the target page. If you believe the tag is installed, make sure it is installed correctly. If part of the content is displayed in an iframe, you also need to install the code snippet inside the iframe in order for goals to register.
  • Other scripts are blocking the tag on the site.
  • The tag is blocked by the Adblock Plus extension.
  • The user left the page before the tag loaded.

The following issues may also occur depending on the type of goal:

  • The goal identifier in the reachGoal method does not match the identifier in the tag settings.
  • The code for calling the reachGoal method is missing.
  • The reachGoal method was added correctly, but the event that triggers this method doesn't occur (for example, if the onsubmit event for submitting form data didn't take place).
  • The reachGoal method was called before the code snippet initialized. In this case, the browser console shows the error “yaCounterХХХХХХ is not defined”. We recommend adding the triggerEvent parameter to the code snippet and also making it possible to complete the goal after checking for tag initialization.