Author reports

These reports provide general statistics on authors and help you compare them.

To view the reports: Content → Authors. To go to a report on a specific author, click their name. You can also filter content by length (for example, if you only need to view content of a specific format, like news or long articles).

To ensure that statistics are collected and displayed correctly, make sure that site content markup follows the recommendations ( or Open Graph).

What reports can be used for

Assess editors' work

Analyze the pageviews and audience engagement statistics by editorial staff: are key efficiency indicators achieved for individual authors and the editorial staff as a whole.

Learn whose articles are most enjoyed by readers

You can use audience engagement statistics to highlight authors who publish the most interesting content or identify whose content users leave before reaching the end. This helps you understand whose work should get more attention.

Identify authors' strengths and weaknesses, and growth points

Assess which topics an author handles best. You can use audience engagement statistics as well as full scroll and full read funnels to see what gets read and what doesn't. This helps you know if you should rework how content is presented and its structure.