Enabling and configuring Session Replay 1.0


  1. In Yandex Metrica, go to Settings (Tag).
  2. Select the Session Replay, scroll map, form analysis option.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Install the updated code snippet on all the site's pages.
Note. Session Replay can be disabled if you haven't viewed any recordings in the past six months. To resume session recording, enable the option again.

Configuring field content recording

Session Replay records user actions on a site, including filling in fields, such as the act of filling out a form. However, Yandex Metrica recognizes fields where users might enter confidential information such as their first and last name. The contents of these fields are automatically masked with asterisks.

If you don't want Session Replay to record the content of any fields, disable the Record all fields option in the Session Replay tab in Settings.

You can also prevent individual fields from being recorded by using a CSS class (the class attribute).

  1. Enable the Record all fields option.
  2. Set the CSS class -ym-disable-keys for the fields that you don't want to record the contents of. Use this class for textarea and input elements.

Session Replay will record all fields except the ones that are marked with the -ym-disable-keys CSS class. Content of fields marked with the ym-disable-keys CSS class will be replaced with asterisks.

Select a question to find a solution.

The page content in the recording may be different from the actual content. It's likely that the CSS on the site frequently changes. In this case, add the content hash to the style file names. Then, when you change the file's content, its name will change. For example: style.390b32d4d49d5e7d.css will be changed to style.0c573d460df87d4de5a4.css. This lets Session Replay use the style that the site visitor sees when it records a session.

Do the following:

  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Disable all plugins and browser extensions.
  • Delete browser cookies.
  • Check the firewall settings. The firewall may be blocking the Yandex Metrica tag script. The tag could also be blocked by the extension Adblock Plus.

If you have more questions about Session Replay, submit them in the form below. Provide an example of the session where data was displayed incorrectly and specify the full version of your browser.