“Gender” report

These reports on users' basic socio-demographic characteristics are based on information obtained using Crypta technology. Because of how this technology is applied, the number of sessions shown in the report might be less than in other reports from the service.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Audience → Gender.

An example of this report is available for the Yandex.Metrica demo tag.

  1. What can the report be used for?
  2. Report structure and settings

What can the report be used for?

See the gender of site users

This report helps determine the gender of your site's audience.
See site user engagement levels by gender
This can be done with the help of bounce. The higher the bounce rate, the less the site is engaging users (bounces are users who leave within 15 seconds of looking at a single page).
Get information on gender and age
To get combined data on age and gender, add the appropriate dimension: Audience → Age.

Find out which gender most often completes goals
To get this data, first create a goal and use it in your report.
Note. When analyzing converted sessions and users, you have to consider the attribution model.

Report structure and settings

The report provides information on user gender. Data is divided into two groups: female and male.

The report supports all settings available in Yandex.Metrica.