“Promo code” report

This report contains information about purchases that were made using promo codes.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → E-commerce → Promo codes.

Ways to use this report

View purchasing data for each promo code

Sort your report data by the number of purchases.

Identify orders that brought in the most revenue

Sort your data by revenue in the report.

Conditions for getting the report

To generate the report, use the features of the Ecommerce service for calculating and analyzing e-commerce data. The first time you transmit data, the report will be available in a few hours.

Report structure and setup

All data in this report is grouped by promo codes. If you pass data in different currencies, you can select a specific currency in the report. When you select a currency, the values of money metrics are recalculated at the conversion rate preceding the date of the transaction.

For information about configuring reports, see Report settings.