Statistics on calls from Yandex Direct

Using Yandex Metrica, you can track the quality of calls from potential customers who saw your ads, and identify the most successful advertising campaigns. Several conditions are needed for this.

To analyze collected statistics, use:
  • The Call sources report to determine which ad campaign resulted in more calls.
  • The Call processing quality report to learn the duration of a call and number of unique and missed calls.
  • The Calls, detailed reportto find out how many calls Yandex Metrica managed to link to sessions and users on a site. It also helps you identify which traffic sources, ad campaigns, and key words led to calls.
  1. How Yandex Metrica collects data about Yandex Direct calls
  2. How to start getting statistics on calls

How Yandex Metrica collects data about Yandex Direct calls

When collecting data on calls from Yandex Direct, Yandex Metrica identifies users and links their sessions to phone calls by using Crypta technology.

To track calls, Yandex Metrica uses a special goal. It's named “Call” and is displayed in Yandex Metrica on the Goals page in the left menu. If a call was linked to a user's most recent session, Yandex Metrica records the achievement of the goal.

You can add the goal to all Yandex Metrica reports. When it's added to a report, goal metrics become available for it. You can choose a goal and its metrics as conditions for creating a segment.

In addition, you can use the goal and segments to advertise with Yandex Direct and Yandex Display, and to find potential customers (using look-alike technology) with Yandex Audience.

How to start getting statistics on calls

You need to enable these options in the Yandex Direct campaign:

To collect statistics, use a Yandex Metrica auto-generated tag. When the options are enabled, it appears in the list of tags in the campaign settings in Yandex Direct, as well as on the My tags page in Yandex Metrica.

By default, tag access is available to the owner of the organization in Yandex Business and their representatives. You can manage access rights to the organization.

Call data appears in Yandex Metrica in 24 hours.