Solutions to problems

If there is no data or it is incomplete, see how to check that e-commerce is working, and also make sure that:

  • The data container contains no more than 8192 characters.
  • The code for sending data from the container is installed and is called in the right places on the site (adding an item to the basket, making a purchase, and so on).
  • There are no errors in the transmitted fields. To check the validity of your data, use the JSON.stringify(dataLayer) command in the browser console. For validation, we recommend contacting your webmaster or other person responsible for maintaining the website.

  • The actionField field transmits data. To transmit information about a purchase, you must use actionField.
  • The tag isn't blocked by the Adblock Plus extension.
  • The user left the page before the tag loaded.
  • There is no circular redirection on the page.