Yandex.Metrica auto-generated tag

If you notice an unfamiliar tag that you didn't create in the list of Yandex.Metrica tags, it might be an auto-generated tag. It is created if:
In the list, an auto-generated tag usually has a standard name, for example:
  • Tag for Yandex.Direct Turbo pages — Turbo Pages <random set of characters>.
  • Tag associated with the Yandex Business Directory — <Name of your organization> - <Address of the organization, if specified in the Yandex Business Directory>.

These tags can't be edited. Only viewing access is available. Rules for granting access to other users are different for each service.

Questions and answers

Can I delete an auto-generated tag from the list?

If you delete a tag from the list, you will lose access to the statistics it collected. To restore access, you will need to contact support. This is why we do not recommend deleting a tag.

Can I install an auto-generated tag on my site?

We do not recommend placing these tags on a site, since you will not have access to edit it. This means statistics will be collected incorrectly.

Why does a tag have a red status?

For these tags, the status isn't relevant. It has to do with the specifics of installing tags on Yandex services. You can ignore the tag status.

Can I change the name of a tag?

No. Tag names are generated automatically.

What is the “Clicked Call” goal in the tag settings?

With this goal, Yandex.Metrica tracks clicks on the phone number in the organization's card, as well as taps on the icon in the mobile version of all services that transmit data to the organization's tag.

How do I correct goals in the tag settings?

You can't change the goals of an auto-generated tag.