“Social networks” report

The report contains information on traffic from social networks so you can track the behavior of these users and measure conversion rates.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Sources → Social networks.

An example of this report is available for the Yandex.Metrica demo tag.

Yandex.Metrica uses the referer and UTM tags to identify this source.

  1. Ways to use this report
  2. Report structure and settings

Ways to use this report

Find out which social networks attract more users

See which social networks bring users to your site.

Determine the engagement of users who came from social networks

All of this data can be derived from your website's bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the less the site is engaging users (bounces are users who leave within 15 seconds of looking at a single page).

Report structure and settings

Data in the report is grouped by the social networks that users came from. For some social networks, you can get details down to the level of the community or group based on referrer values.

To accurately detect the source, add UTM tags in the URL and use the resulting link in social networks. Below are the values we recommend using in UTM tags.

Possible UTM tag values
Parameter Required Values
utm_source Yes
  • vk, vkontakte, or vk.com — for VK
  • facebook, fb, or facebook.com — for Facebook
  • twitter or twitter.com — for Twitter
  • ok, odnoklassniki, ok.ru, or odnoklassniki.ru — for Odnoklassniki
  • livejournal — for Live Journal
  • plus.google.com or googleplus — for Google+
  • my.mail.ru — for Mail.ru My World
  • linkedin or linkedin.com — for LinkedIn
  • delicious — for delicious
  • tumblr or tumblr.com — for Tumblr
  • instagram or instagram.com — for Instagram
  • pinterest.com — for Pinterest
  • reddit — for Reddit
  • stumbleupon — for StumbleUpon

If the UTM tag specifies a different value for the utm_source parameter that isn't listed above, Yandex.Metrica identifies the traffic source from the value of the utm_medium parameter. In the report, these sessions will be assigned to the source Other social network: determined by tags.

utm_medium Yes
  • social
  • social-network
  • social-media
  • sm
  • social network
  • social media

If the source site has a JavaScript redirect or traffic redirects from a site with HTTPS to a site with HTTP, use the utm_referrer tag.

The report supports all settings available in Yandex.Metrica.