“Social networks” report

The report contains information on traffic from social networks so you can track the behavior of these users and measure conversion rates.

The diagram displays information on the most prominent social network sources. The report shows detailed statistics broken down into separate groups and social network users that posted a link to your site (for social networks that support such a break down).

To have Yandex.Metrica correctly identify traffic from social networks, we recommend appending UTM tags to the URL and using the resulting URL for links in social networks. In this case, you must specify the utm_source and utm_medium parameters.

Set the value of the utm_source parameter as:

  • vk, vkontakte, or vk.com — For VK.
  • facebook, fb, or facebook.com — For Facebook.
  • twitter or twitter.com — For Twitter.
  • ok, odnoklassniki, ok.ru, or odnoklassniki.ru — For Odnoklassniki.
  • livejournal — For Live Journal.
  • plus.google.com or googleplus — For Google+.
  • my.mail.ru — For Mail.ru My World.
  • linkedin or linkedin.com — For LinkedIn.
  • delicious — For delicious.
  • mirtesen.ru — For MirTesen.
  • tumblr or tumblr.com — For Tumblr.
  • instagram or instagram.com — For Instagram.
  • pinterest.com — For Pinterest.
  • reddit — For Reddit.
  • stumbleupon — For StumbleUpon.

For the value of the utm_medium parameter, set one of the following: social, social-network, social-media, sm, social network, or social media.

If the UTM tag specifies a different value for the utm_source parameter that isn't listed above, Yandex.Metrica identifies the traffic source from the value of the utm_medium parameter. In the report, these sessions will be assigned to the source Other social network: determined by tags.