“Turbo pages” report

Attention. Data in the report starts to be displayed within 24 hours after connecting a tag to Turbo pages.

This report contains statistics on traffic and user interaction with your site's Turbo pages. It is based on the sessions during which the users viewed a Turbo page.

For more information about Turbo pages, see the Help for Yandex.Webmaster.

The report is available in Yandex.Metrica if your site has Turbo pages and they have a tag installed.

View the report: Reports → Standard reports → Contents → Turbo pages.

  1. What is the report for?
  2. Report structure and settings

What is the report for?

Find out the number of Turbo page users

The report will show data on the number of users for the specified period.

Identify the most popular Turbo pages on your site
  1. Click Dimensions and delete the dimensions Landing page, level 1 and Landing page, level 2.
  2. Click Metrics, add the Views metric, and move it to the top of the list.
  3. Click Apply.
Find out how many Turbo page users complete a goal

To do this, create and configure a goal on site or goal on Turbo page, and then use it in the report.

Compare Turbo page statistics with your site's source pages

To do this, filter data by device type and group the pages by address:

  1. Click .
  2. Select the condition Technologies → Device → Smartphones and click Apply.

  3. Click Dimensions and move the dimension Landing page to the top of the list.
  4. Delete the dimensions Landing page, level 1, Landing page, level 2, and Device type.
  5. Click Apply.

Report structure and settings

Data in the report is grouped as follows:
  • Turbo page: includes the values “Turbo” (lite page version) and “Not turbo” (regular or mobile version of your site).
  • Device type: the device the user viewed the page from.
  • Traffic source: the source of the session during which the Turbo page was viewed.
  • Landing page: the page the user's session started from.
Note. If a third-party site has a link to the page of your site, the user will go to the regular or mobile version, regardless of whether the page has a Turbo version. This session will be included in the “Not Turbo” group for the “Link traffic” source.

The report supports all settings available in Yandex.Metrica.

There are several ways to view statistics for Turbo pages in most Yandex.Metrica reports:

  1. In a Yandex.Metrica report, such as “Sources, summary”, click .
  2. Choose the condition Behavior → Turbo page → Turbo.
  3. Click Apply.