“Traffic” report

This report reflects your site's traffic dynamics for a specified period. In addition to quantitative criteria (such as the number of users and pageviews), the report includes quality indicators (time on site, page depth, and so on).

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Traffic.

An example of this report is available for the Yandex.Metrica demo tag.

  1. Ways to use this report
  2. Report structure and settings

Ways to use this report

View total traffic to the site

You can use the report to find out the number of site users for a certain period, as well as the total number of users since the counter was installed on the site.

Find out the number of users who completed the goal

To do this, create and configure a goal, then use it in the report.

Find out the percentage of new users

The report helps determine the number of new users for the selected period. Such users are determined using browser cookies.

See the overall bounce rate for the site

The higher the bounce rate, the less the site is engaging users (bounces are users who leave within 15 seconds of looking at a single page).

Monitor traffic dynamics from a particular date

Setting a date range helps determine how much traffic has changed over the specified period. The beginning of such a period may be, for example, the start date of a promotion.

Report structure and settings

Data in the report is grouped by session date.

For information on how to configure the report depending on your business objectives, see Setting up a report.

Note that the following settings are not available for the “Traffic” report: