Filters and actions


Filters are applied to the raw data gathered by the tag in the order specified. Entries from reports are either kept or removed in accordance with the specified conditions.

Changes made by filters cannot be undone. If you don’t set up any filters, Yandex.Metrica reports will contain all the data for all user sessions. The checkbox to the left of each filter lets you disable the filter without permanently deleting it.

Filters can be applied to the following types of data:

User IP addresses

The filter type can be refined with the following conditions:

  • equals

    For example, if you select the filter type “Only record traffic from” and the “IP address” field, then set the condition to “equals” with the value, the report will only display information about traffic from this address.

  • in the range

    Example of setting ranges of IP addresses:; 192.168.*;–

Page URL

The filter type can be refined with the following conditions:

  • contains
  • begins with
  • equals
  • only website and additional domains — to only include pageviews for pages on the website and additional domains specified on the tag edit page (the General tab) in the report.
Page titles

The filter type can be refined with the following conditions:

  • contains
  • begins with
  • equals

To prevent Yandex.Metrica from counting your own sessions, select the Don't count my sessions option. When this setting is enabled, the service stores the cookies of users who have viewed reports or Settings for this tag, and does not count these users when calculating statistics.


Operations are performed on the raw data. They modify reporting or referring site page addresses that are shown in reports.

The following operations are available in the settings:

  • Remove parameter — Removes a given parameter from a URL. For example, if you select the action Remove parameter and the name sort, reports will combine the URLs and into a single URL,
  • Remove all parameters — Removes all parameters from a URL.
  • Remove anchor — Removes the anchor from the URL (#anchor).
  • Change from https to http — All webpages in reports shown as accessible over the HTTP protocol.
  • Replace domain — This replaces the domain of all webpages in a report.
  • Change to lowercase — All URLs will be shown in lowercase in reports.

Operations are applied to the webpage address of the reporting site, as well as to referrer. For example, the operation Remove parameter specifying sort will exclude option sort=by_price from referrer.

Note. You can set 30 filters and 30 actions per tag. This setting does not change previously collected data.

Robot filtering

Robot filtering is applied to source data. Use this setting to filter information about robot traffic in reports. Whether filtration is enabled or not, information about robots that visited the site is always shown in the Robots report.

The following modes are available:

Include all robot sessions

Robot sessions will be included in all Yandex.Metrica reports.

Use strict filter only (default)

This filtering is performed using fixed templates for IP address and User-Agent and doesn't give false responses. When using a strict filter, only a small percentage of robots can be detected.

Use strict filter and behavior

This filtering makes it possible to detect most robots. Use this type of filtering if you have discovered dramatic surges in unnatural traffic from the Robots report data.

Filtering uses MatrixNet technology.