In this report, you can see data on all robot activity on the site, with a breakdown by filter settings. For the list of Yandex robots, see Yandex.Webmaster Help.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Monitoring → Robots.

An example of this report is available for the Yandex.Metrica demo tag.

Ways to use this report

Check robot activity during increased load on the site
If your website is loading slower than usual and often returns a 500 HTTP error code, you can check where most of the requests are coming from: real users or robots.
  1. Open the Load on site report. This tells you if there are surges in activity.


  2. Open the Robots report and select the date or period when you noticed a surge in activity. The report also displays requests sent by robots and their names.


Report structure and settings

The table shows the number of times the Yandex.Metrica tag sent data about robot activity on the site (other than Session Replay sending data). The information is displayed in rows, broken down by filtration rules.

Statistics filters are shown in a separate line and are not elaborated on. For strict rules, the rule that was triggered is shown. For example, the name of the robot that noted itself in the User Agent directive is shown.

If the line specifies the rule “Filtered by lack of JS and Referer”, this means that the user did not have JavaScript support, and when the image was loaded, the HTTP Referer header (the address of the viewed page) was not passed.

More information

The code snippet consists of two parts — the JavaScript code and an invisible image specified in the noscript element. If JavaScript is not supported or is disabled during the user's session, the image is loaded to pass information about the viewed page in the HTTP Referer header. If the HTTP header is not passed, Yandex.Metrica interprets it as a robot session.

To not filter these types of pageviews, enable the Include all robot sessions option on the Settings page (Filters tab).

Tip. You should enable robot filtering by strict filters and behavior if you have discovered hints of unnatural traffic in the Robots report and you have reason to believe that this situation will reoccur.

For some websites, a certain persistent volume of robot traffic is not critical. In this case, the filter selection remains up to the tag owner's discretion.