Configuring terms of delivery in your store account

Configure the following in your store account:

  • Rates for your region (only if you don't include them in the price list).

  • Delivery rates to other regions.

If you don't know what conditions to specify in a rate, use the automatic calculator for delivery period and delivery cost.


Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.
  1. Go to the page Настройки → Доставка и оплата (“Settings → Delivery and payment”).

  2. Click on the relevant region in the section Курьерская доставка и точки продаж → Регионы доставки (“Courier delivery and points of sale → Delivery regions”).

  3. Select your rate and click Перейти к заполнению тарифов (“Fill in rates”). For detailed information about each rate, see the Types of rates section in your store account.

    Note. The option Использовать данные из прайс-листа (“Use data from the price list”) is displayed only for your local region. The rates “Category”, “Category and weight”, and “Category and price” are available only if the price list is loaded and the categories are in it. If the price list is deleted, the delivery settings for these rates will also be deleted.

  4. Fill out the rates table

    Cost of delivery

    Specify the delivery cost for delivery to the buyer's address, not to the warehouse of the delivery service or to the customer pickup point.

    Delivery timeframe

    Specify the delivery period in business days: when it is displayed on the service, this delivery period will be converted into calendar days based on the store's business hours and the delivery service hours.

    Rules for specifying the maximum delivery period and range “from – to”:

    The maximum delivery period is 31 days. If you specify 32 days or more, information on a delivery taking up to 60 days will be displayed instead of the delivery period (or a “pre-order” label will be displayed if the Yandex.Market database contains a date when the product will officially start being sold).

    The range must not be greater than two days. For example, you can enter a range of 2–4 days, but you can't enter a range of 2–10 days.

    Specify the delivery period for delivery to the buyer's address, not to the warehouse of the delivery service or to the customer pickup point.

    If the delivery period is unknown, select the На заказoption (“Special order”). For more details, see the Configuring Delivery Terms for Typical Situations section.

    Delivery options

    How to configure the display of two delivery methods (for example, expedited and standard):

    • For a single rate: click Добавить вариант (“Add option”)as shown in the image above.

    • For other rates: in the line of the relevant product group, click on the cell containing the cost and delivery period and select Добавить вариант (“Add option”)as shown in the image above.

    Both delivery methods must have different terms and prices.

    Checkout cutoff time

    Specify a cutoff time in the field “When ordering before” (local time in the store's time zone). The specified delivery period will only be valid only when the customer orders before this time. For example, if you specify a time of 18:00 and a delivery period of two days, then at times before 18:00 users will see the delivery period as two days, and at times after 18:00 they will see the period as three days.

    If you don't specify a time for “When ordering before”, then the value of 13:00 will be used by default.

    Note. If the delivery period depends on the time when the order is placed (i.e., you configured the “When ordering before” setting), then you don't need to create two delivery methods with identical prices but different delivery terms. Yandex.Market will automatically update a delivery period for which a “When ordering before” time has been specified (at soon as this time occurs).
  5. Click Опубликовать (“Publish”). The delivery terms and delivery periods will be published after successfully passing quality control moderation, within 48 hours.

Example of how to configure a rate

Delivery terms:

  • The store offers two types of courier delivery: standard (within three days) and expedited (next day).

  • Standard delivery costs RUB 300 for products under RUB 10,000. Goods at or over RUB 10,000 are delivered for free.

  • Expedited delivery costs RUB 500 for all products.

  • Delivery periods are valid only when ordering before 16:00.

Fill out the settings:

Step 1

When taking all factors into account, the most appropriate rate is “Price”. You must specify RUB 10,000 in the field до (“less than”).

The option от 10 000 рублей и выше (“RUB 10,000 or higher”) is added automatically.

The upper limit of the price range is not taken into account. This means that if you enter RUB 10,000 into the field до (“less than”), the delivery cost and delivery terms specified in the same row of the table will be valid for products costing up to RUB 9999 inclusive. Products costing RUB 10,000 will be included in the next price range от 10 000 рублей и выше (“RUB 10,000 and higher”).

Step 2

You need to specify the cost of standard delivery (RUB 300) in the column Стоимость и срок доставки (“Delivery cost and delivery period” ). The system will suggest that you add another delivery option: click Добавить вариант (“Add option”) since you also offer expedited delivery.

Step 3

Next, you must specify a standard delivery period of 3 days. The system will automatically suggest that you select a cut off time by which an order must be placed in order for the delivery terms to be valid (according to the terms in the example, orders must be placed by 16:00).

You should use the line for the second delivery method to specify the following expedited delivery settings: RUB 500 and 1 day.

Step 4

You should specify the standard and expedited delivery terms for products that cost RUB 10,000 or more:

Verifying and publishing delivery terms

Delivery period and delivery cost are published 4 hours after changes are made.

Delivery terms are verified by the quality control service. If your store entered incorrect data:

  • For your region: your store will not be placed on Yandex.Market until the data is corrected.

  • For another region: your products will no longer be published in this region.

Example: your store entered a delivery cost of RUB 300, and verification revealed the cost to be RUB 400.