Promotions (promos, gifts)

The price list in YML format can include information about various store promotions. Available promotions:

  • Promo code discount.

    For example, a 15% discount on refrigerators with the promo code “SuperFreeze”.

  • Special price for a limited time.

    For instance, from July 1 to July 7, a microwave oven costs 4,000 rubles instead of the normal price of 5,000 rubles.

  • Gift with purchase.

    For instance, a phone case is included for free when purchasing a phone.

  • Buy N items and get M of the same item for free.

    For example, buy two bags of dog food and get the third one free.

Promotions can apply to categories as well as to individual items.

How to transmit promotions in the price list

All information about promotions is transmitted in a separate block of <promos> elements (not as part of offers). This block specifies the terms of the promotion and the IDs of the items or categories that participate in it.


  offers available on Yandex.Market
  gifts not available on Yandex.Market (for a "Choice of gift" promo)
   <promo id="promo ID" type="promo type">
      <start-date>promo start date</start-date>
      <end-date>promo end date</end-date>
      <url>promo on the store's site</url>
      <promo-code>promo code for a "Discount with promo code" offer</promo-code>
        <required-quantity>number of full-priced items for some promos</required-quantity>
        <free-quantity>number of bonus items for some promos</free-quantity>
        <product offer-id="offer ID participating in promo"/>
        <product category-id="category ID participating in promo"/>
        gifts participating in a "Choice of gift" promo

For a detailed description of the elements, see the pages for specific types of promos.


  • The store's website must have information about promotions for all products.
  • Offers (or categories of products) and promotions must be in the same price list.
  • Promotions must be valid for the current order (for example, you can't give a discount on the next purchase).