Promotions (promos, gifts)

The price list in YML format can include information about various store promotions. Available promotions:

  • Promo code discount

    For example, a 15% discount on refrigerators with the promo code “SuperFreeze”.

  • Limited-time promotion price

    For example, during July 1–7 a microwave costs 4000 rubles instead of 5000 rubles.

  • Loyalty program price

    For example, with a customer card a flacon of eau de toilette costs 6500 rubles instead of 8000 rubles.

  • Gift with purchase

    For instance, a phone case is included for free when purchasing a phone.

  • Buy N items and get M of the same item for free

    For example, buy two bags of dog food and get the third one free.

Promotions can apply to categories as well as to individual items.


Entering promotions in the price list
  • Enter your offers and promotions into a single price list.
  • Enter each individual offer into no more than one promotion.

    Attention. If an offer is included in multiple promotions, one will be selected for it at random. The offer will not participate in the other promotions. You will receive an error message that the offer is already participating in a promotion.
Information about promotions on the store's website

Make sure that the user will see the same promotion information on your store's website as on Yandex.Market.

  • Promotion “Promo code discount”: there is a promo code field in the shopping cart or on the checkout page. You can specify the promo code itself on the product page.
  • Promotion “Special price”: the price on the store's website is the same as the price on Yandex.Market.
  • Promotion “N + M”: the product page shows how many products the customer needs to buy and how many they will receive as a bonus.
  • Promotion “Gift when purchase”: available gifts are shown on the product page or in the shopping cart.
How promos work
  • Make sure that customers can participate in the promotion under the conditions specified on Yandex.Market. For example, the promotion must be accessible and not include additional restrictions.

    Exception: if the buyer ordered a product from the category “Шины и диски (Tires and wheels)”, you can request that they show their receipt. Be sure to indicate this on your website or inform the buyer when confirming their order.

    Examples of unacceptable scenarios
    • The store delivers products to several cities, and the promotion is only valid for delivery to one of the cities. Promotions are seen by users in all delivery regions — you can't specify promos for separate regions. This means that you should create promotions only if they are valid for all regions.
    • The store ran out of a gift. In this case, delete the promotion from the price list and upload it again.
      Tip. We recommend that you track the number of gifts you have and delete the promotion before they run out. Then customers will still be able to participate in the promotion while Yandex.Market updates the promo data. You can also quickly hide your main offer on Yandex.Market.
  • Make sure that all promotions are valid for an immediate order (meaning, for example, you can't have a promo that gives the customer a discount on their next purchase).

Attention. If the store violates the requirements, it will receive a quality error and its problematic offers won't be shown on Yandex.Market. If a store receives numerous errors, the quality control service may disable the display of all promotions for the store.

How to transmit promotions in the price list

All information about promotions is transmitted in a separate block of promos elements (not as part of offers). This block specifies the terms of the promotion and the IDs of the items or categories that participate in it.


  offers that are published on Yandex.Market
  gifts that are not published on Yandex.Market (for the "Gift with purchase" promo)
   <promo id="promo ID" type="promo type">
      promo conditions and description
        gifts participating in the "Gift with purchase" promo

For a detailed description of the elements, see the pages for specific types of promos.