The work schedule of your courier and delivery service

Set a work schedule for your couriers or delivery service.

The periods for courier delivery and delivery to pickup points (for your region or other regions) are calculated and displayed on Yandex.Market with consideration of this schedule.

Under Settings → Placement options, click change next to Schedule delivery service. A form where you can set the schedule opens:

Block 1. Non-working days

Mark the days of the week when order are not delivered. By default, Saturday and Sunday are marked as nonworking days.

  • If you deliver orders Mon-Fri (inclusive) and don't deliver on Sat or Sun, then no additional actions need to be taken.

  • If you deliver orders on Sat or Sun, then deselect those days to include them.

  • If you don't deliver orders on other days of the week (such as Mon), click on those days to mark them as nonworking.

Note. Settings in block 1 will automatically be applied to all weeks and months.

Block 2. Delivery during holidays

Set up holiday deliveries By default, it's assumed that a store does not deliver orders on Russian state holidays (New Years, March 8, etc.) so the No delivery on holidays button is active.

  • If you don't deliver orders on holidays, then no additional actions need to be taken.

  • If you do deliver orders on holidays, then click this button to deactivate it. In this case all holidays will automatically be marked as work days.

Block 3. Settings for individual days

Additional calendar settings:

  • If a day was automatically marked as nonworking, but you plan to deliver orders on that day, click on it to clear the marking.

    For example:

    A store doesn't deliver on Saturdays or Sundays and all these days are marked in block 1. However, the store plans to deliver orders on Saturday, December 5 (to mark the 10th anniversary of the store, for example). In this case you will have to remove the marking from the cell for December 5th.

  • If orders will not be delivered on a specific day (for example, if the store plans to take inventory on that day, etc.), click on it to mark the day as nonworking.

Note. Settings in block 3 will not apply automatically to other weeks and months.