How to correctly construct an offer for Yandex.Market in the Колесные диски category

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • manufacturer

  • line

  • width of disc rim

  • diameter of disc rim

  • number of mounting holes

  • ET

  • color (if several color options are available for the model)

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the product offer title. It is preferable to specify the diameter of the center opening.

Models with identical parameters may differ in color.

Zepp Turismo Silver 6,5x15/4x108 ET38
Zepp Turismo White 6,5x15/4x108 ET38

The more detailed your product description, the more likely it will get into the product profile.

The first parameter specified in the product offer is the manufacturer, then the line, then all other required parameters in any order.

LS Replica FD18 7,5 x 17 PCD5*108 ET55,0 Silver
Диск OZ Racing Caravaggio 8 x 17 PCD5*112 ET35,0 Crystal Titanium
Racing Wheels H-382 8,5 x 20 ET45,0  PCD5*114,3 HS/CW D/P

Common errors

  1. Multiple product offers for a single modification.

    Диск Литой/ Серебристый Replica (Ford Fiesta) 15 / 6.0J" FD14
    Диск Литой/ Серебристый Replica (Ford Focus) 15 / 6.0J" FD14
    Диск Литой/ Серебристый Replica (Ford Fusion) 15 / 6.0J" FD14

    If one product modification can be used with different makes of cars, you don't need to create multiple product offers for it. One product offer is enough (Replica FD14 6,0x15/5x108 D63,3 ET52,5). The makes of cars can be listed in the description.

  2. Required parameters were omitted or incomplete.

    K&K Антей 4х98 ЕТ35

    The manufacturer K&K has two disc modifications with standard sizes, K&K Antaeus 5x13/4x98 ET35 and K&K Antaeus 5.5x13/4x98 ET35. So an offer such as “K&K Antaeus 4х98 ЕТ35” can't be placed on Yandex.Market, since it does not specify the required parameters (rim width and diameter). Without this data, the offer can't be associated with the right product profile. So the product offer title for this model of disc should look like this:

    K&K Антей 5x13/4x98 ET35
    K&K Антей 5.5x13/4x98 ET35