Updating a price list

Your price list must always be up-to-date and match the information available on your website. This ensures that the service users see the current price, correct delivery terms and conditions, and so on. Update your price list as soon as changes occur, otherwise the store may get an error.

  • Update the price list for Yandex.Market as often as your store's assortment and purchase conditions change. Consider the data update time on the service: some data updates quickly, taking from 30 to 90 minutes, and some may take as long as 3-6 hours to update.

  • If the product remains in a single copy, immediately after you receive an order, hide the offer from Yandex.Market using the API or PriceLabs service. If you don't use the API or PriceLabs, delete the product from the price list immediately.

  • If the price changed, update the price quickly via the API. If you don't use the API, update the price in the price list according to the rules. The offer will then be updated on the service in 30-40 minutes.

Special cases

The price list contains several hundred thousand offers

Some price lists may contain up to 500,000 items. Such a price list is generated on the store's side for a long time (up to several hours) and takes a long time to upload on Yandex.Market. If the store does not use the API, it can neither quickly update the price on Yandex.Market nor hide the offer. As a result, the service may for several hours display the old price or products that are no longer in stock.

  • Divide the price list into several smaller price lists. For example, a price list with 500,000 items should be divided into five files containing 100,000 items each.

  • Put together offers that change frequently in one price list and update it more often.

The service uploads small price lists faster and can process multiple price lists simultaneously. To upload multiple price lists, on the Assortment → Price list page, click Add.

Update of the price list for Yandex.Market is scheduled

Many stores set up scheduled price list updates, for example, once a day at a specific time or once every few days. This approach is acceptable only:

  • For a small assortment and rare changes (once a week or less).

  • If the store uses the API and can quickly update prices or hide offers.

If the store does not use the API and prices and other terms and conditions are updated frequently, for example, every day or several times a day, the Yandex.Market price list must be updated with the same frequency. Avoid scheduled updates and update the price list at the same time as changes occur (in real time).