Bids FAQ

When will the assigned bids be applied?

New bid amounts are applied after data is updated on the service. Updates occur every 30 minutes. For more information, see Bid management methods.

There are several different bid management methods that can be used for offers. Which method is given priority?

The following principle is used to applying bids:

  • If a product bid is set for an offer, that bid is applied.

  • If a product bid is not set for the offer but a default bid is set, then the default bid is applied.

  • If neither a bid for the product nor a default bid is assigned, the minimum CPC is applied.

What affects the position of an offer other than its bids?

In the case of basic ranking (i.e. by default), an offer's position is determined by both financial and non-financial factors:

  • Financial factors: CPC or the store's bid.

  • Non-financial factors: attractiveness of the offer (in the product profile), relevance to the user's query, rating, and delivery terms (in the Yandex.Market search).

Attention. These factors don't affect an offer's position if the user has applied sorting (for example, by price).

How do I promote products in Yandex.Market search results if they don't have product profiles ?

If your products don't have product profiles on Yandex.Market, you can configure a bid for them. This will help your offers occupy higher positions in Yandex.Market search results.

What happens if a bid is less than the minimum amount?

In this case, Yandex.Market will apply the minimum CPC to the offer.

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