Uploading and verifying your price list

In your personal account, on the Assortment → Price list page, you can:

  • Check a new price list for errors, without updating it on Yandex.Market or publishing offers from it.

  • Update and save the price list on Yandex.Market to publish new offers or new information about the old offers on the service.

  • Add one or more price lists.

Uploading a new price list

  1. Go to the Assortment → Price list page and click Add price list.

  2. The Adding price list window opens. Select the Link option.

  3. Enter the file URL in the Direct link to file field.

  4. Click Check price list.

Wait until the price list upload completes and it gets verified. The verification may take several minutes.

Results of price list verification

After uploading the data to the Yandex.Market database, the page will display a report on errors, if any.

  • Критичные ошибки прайс-листа — a price list with this type of error cannot be published on Yandex.Market. The specified errors must be corrected.

  • Общие ошибки прайс-листа — there are errors at the shop element level. The price list can be published on Yandex.Market, but all offers in it may contain inaccuracies. We recommend fixing the errors, as the inaccuracies in the offers may lead to irrelevant clicks.

  • Ошибки в предложениях — offers with the specified errors cannot be published on Yandex.Market. Check and correct the errors in all the offers.

  • Предупреждения в предложениях — offers with the specified errors can be published on Yandex.Market, but with inaccuracies. We recommend checking and fixing these errors in all the offers before publishing them to make sure clicks on them are relevant.

  • Рекомендации — tips for improving the price list. By following these tips, you can improve the placement efficiency (number of clicks) on Yandex.Market.

Note. You can save a price list verification report in CSV format by clicking the Download error report link.

Completing verification and publishing offers

If your price list contains at least 10% of the offers without errors, these offers can be published on Yandex.Market. You can correct the remaining offers later on and upload the price list again.

If you placed your store on Yandex.Market before August 7, 2018

The old rules apply to such stores: the price list is validated if at least 50% of its offers are made without errors. To lower this threshold, contact the Support service or your account manager.

Completing verification without publishing offers on Yandex.Market

Click Do not add if you:

  • Only planned to verify the price list.

  • Don't want the data from this price list to be stored in the Yandex.Market database and get published.

Completing verification with publishing offers on Yandex.Market

If you want the correct offers to be stored in the Yandex.Market database and get published on the service, click Add price list.

Rules for publishing a price list

By link
  1. The file must be accessible via HTTP or HTTPS.

  2. The file can be located not only on the store's website but also at a separate URL. The URL can be Cyrillic. In this case, the file must be accessible via HTTP.

  3. The file can be generated when the Yandex.Market robot accesses it, but this is a very resource-intensive approach. It is preferable to use a static file that is updated regularly when certain events happen, such as each time that your store database is updated.

  4. The file can be archived with a .zip or .gz (GNU ZIP compression) extension.

  5. The maximum file size is 500 MB.

Upload in your personal account
  1. The file should be updated in your personal account at least once every 30 days.

  2. The maximum file size is 100 MB.