Requirements for the price list and data format

Requirements for data formatting

In order to publish your store's product offers on Yandex.Market, you must provide information about your products in a price list with special formatting.

Yandex.Market supports the following formats:

  • YML format, developed by Yandex and recommended for adding information to the Yandex.Market database. It provides a fast and flexible way to process information provided by stores about products and services.

  • Plain text format with separators for transferring tabular data. This format makes it easier to generate a price list from databases or spreadsheet editors (such as OpenOffice and Google Docs).

  • Excel format simplifies data transfer for stores that store product information in Excel spreadsheets.

Requirements for price lists

  1. The price list must be published on your store's website and accessible over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. You may use authentication to restrict access. In this case, when uploading the price list, set the login name and password for the Yandex.Market robot to upload it automatically.

    If the URL or authentication date changes, you must enter the appropriate changes in the Partner interface.

  2. You may use a dynamic price list file that is generated when the Yandex.Market robot accesses it, but this is a very resource-intensive approach. The preferred approach is to use a static price list file that is updated regularly at a set time or in response to a particular event, such as each time your store's database is updated.

  3. You can put the price list file in an archive using ZIP compression (.zip) or GNU ZIP (.gz).

For more information about transmitting data to Yandex.Market, see the document Requirements for the Data Transmission Method.