Drafting a price list

In order to publish your store's product offers on Yandex.Market, you must provide information about your products in a price list with special formatting.

Yandex.Market supports the following formats:

  • YML format, developed by Yandex and recommended for adding information to the Yandex.Market database. It provides a fast and flexible way to process information provided by stores about products and services.

  • Plain text format with separators for transferring tabular data. Simplifies the generation of a price list using databases or spreadsheet editors (for example: OpenOffice, Google Docs).

  • The XLS format simplifies data exchange for stores that store their product range information using the Excel spreadsheet software.

Tip. You can prepare a price list using a CMS.

Requirements for the price list file

  1. The file with the price list can only be accessed over the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. You may use authentication to restrict access. In this case, when uploading the price list, set the login name and password for the Yandex.Market robot to upload it automatically.

    Note. You are allowed to use links that do not match the store's website. If you use a Cyrillic link to a file, it can only be accessed via the HTTP protocol.

    If you change the URL and/or the authentication data, then you will need to make the appropriate changes in your personal account.

  2. You may use a dynamic price list file that is generated when the Yandex.Market robot accesses it, but this is a very resource-intensive approach. It is preferable to use a static file with a price list that is updated regularly when certain events happen, such as each time that your store database is updated.

  3. You can put the price list file in an archive using ZIP compression (.zip) or GNU ZIP (.gz).

Requirements for price list contents

  1. Valid product offer names

    Create names in the format: product type + manufacturer name + model. For example: цифровой фотоаппарат Canon EOS 600D (Canon EOS 600D Kit digital camera). Use lowercase letters (you are not allowed to use names that consist of all capital letters).

    Do not include extraneous information in the file name such as the delivery terms, manufacturer country, price, and so on (this information can be specified in the following special elements: delivery-options (YML) / local_delivery_days (CSV, XLS), price, country_of_origin).

  2. Additional information is entered in special elements, not the offer name

    Use the product description (description element, 3,000 characters) to briefly describe the product and its features. Do not include phone numbers, delivery terms, and information about promotions in this element.

    If your store's payment terms include a prepayment option or if you have a minimum order size, then you must specify this information in the sales_notes element (50 characters). You can also use this element to describe store promotions, but it is not the place to describe discounts (use the oldprice element for this).

  3. Updated information in the price list

    For example, if the product price on your site has changed, be sure to update the price in the price list that you upload to Yandex.Market. The prices on Yandex.Market and on your store's site must be the same.

Pay special attention to how you draft the price list. The quality of your price list affects:

  • Whether your store will be verified: a price list with errors will not be accepted by Yandex.Market.

  • The number of clicks on your store offers: the better your price list is formed, the higher your offers will be ranked in the Yandex.Market search results.