Use the picture element to place a link to the product image, for example:


You can specify up to 10 links to product images for each offer. The first image is considered to be the default image. It is used as the product image that is displayed in Yandex.Market search results and on the offer page. The customers can view other product images in the enlarged image viewing mode.

Attention. When updating an image, make sure you change the link to it.
  1. Categories for which this element is required
  2. Requirements for links and images

Categories for which this element is required

The image link is mandatory for categories:

Cushioned furniture Mobile phone cases
Computer desks Screen protectors for phones
Massage tables Phone chargers
Clothing, shoes and accessories Mobile phone adapters
Cosmetics and perfumes Bags and cases for tablets
Children's products with the exception of the following categories: strollers, diapers, car seats, erector sets, model trains, tricycles, bicycles, and cribs.

In addition, the image is mandatory for categories without product profiles.

If an offer in these categories has no image, it will not be published on Yandex.Market until at least one image has been entered in the picture element.

Requirements for links and images

Link requirements
  • Acceptable protocols for image URLs: HTTP and HTTPS.

  • The link to the image should be absolute. Relative links are not permitted.

  • Cyrillic links are permitted.

  • The specified link should lead to a product image that corresponds to the description of the offer. You cannot use the image of another product.

  • It is not allowed to use a link to the same image in the descriptions of different products. The exception is variants of the same model that do not differ in appearance, for example, Apple iPhone 6 Silver 16 GB and Apple iPhone 6 Silver 32 GB.

  • Links to HTML pages that contain images are not permitted.

  • Links to a store logo or “placeholder” (a page with the message “image missing”, etc.) are not permitted.

  • The maximum URL length is 512 characters.

Image requirements
  • The image should be in JPEG or PNG format. When converting images, we recommend saving them in JPEG format with at least 90% quality.

  • The maximum size is 3,500 pixels on the longest side. We recommend that images be no less than 600 pixels on the shortest side. The minimum size is 300 pixels on either side.

  • It is forbidden to superimpose information about the price of the model or discounts, the brand or store name, the phone number of the store or other distracting text on the image.

  • The color of the product presented on the image should be the same color as specified in the description (for example, it is not permitted to provide an image of a red product when the description states that it is green).

  • You are allowed to submit images on a white or transparent background. (Yandex.Market will convert images with a transparent background to ones with a white background).

  • If there are watermarks in the image, they cannot take up more than 10% of the entire image area.

  • The main (first) image should show the entire product. A photo of a detail on the product is better placed in the extra images.