Ranking of offers in the product profile

Offers are ranked in real time when the user loads one of the product profile pages. Machine learning algorithms use a number of factors for ranking, both financial (CPC and the commission amount) and non-financial (buyer interest in product offers, performance in completing orders, and others).

Ranking formula

The position of the product offer (Roffer) is determined using the following formula:

Roffer = Q × ƒ(conv, cbid, αfee , fee)


  • Q is the quality coefficient of the product offer in its category. The coefficient shows how well the store fulfills orders from Yandex.Market in this category, and it takes into account the ability to accept prepayments. If the store has not signed up for “Quick Order”, a lower Q value is used.

  • conv is the attractiveness of the product offer for buyers, calculated using machine learning algorithms. The calculation takes the following into account: store brand, number of reviews about the store, store rating, completeness of the product description, price of the item, the delivery terms and cost, and other parameters.

  • cbid is the CPC in the product profile that was set by the store. If it has not yet been configured, then the minimum CPC is used.

  • αfee is a weighted factor for Quick Order offers.

  • fee is the commission fee, expressed as a percentage of the cost of the item set by the store. If it has not yet been configured, then the minimum commission fee of 2% is used. If the store or product does not participate in the “Quick Order” program, then the commission fee is equal to 0.

Basic concepts

  • Product offers can be promoted to high positions within the ranking regardless of whether they are available through the Quick Order program or strictly Click-to-Shop.

  • The amounts of the CPC and the commission fee (considered together) affect the offer's position. In order to ensure that its offer reaches the desired position, the store can choose to increase only cbid, only fee, or both bids at once.

  • Given identical non-financial factors (Q and conv), the cost to promote a product offer with Quick Order is lower than for a product offer that is limited to Click-to-Shop.

Preferential ranking placement

Stores that satisfy the following criteria receive preferential placement in the ranking:

  • At least 80% of the store's product offers in the category participate in the Quick Order program (all the store's offers in this category receive preferential placement, regardless of whether they participate in Quick Order or not).

  • The quality of order fulfillment is maintained.

  • The store has prepayment enabled for Quick Order (all the store's product offers in the category automatically get one additional point added to the quality coefficient).

If all or some of these conditions are met, the store will pay less for placement in a particular position, or it can pay the same amount for a higher position.


Saving money on bids by enabling the “Quick Order” program


  • Store A participates in the “Quick Order” program, and Store B does not.

  • Both stores have the same quality coefficient.

In order to get its product offers placed in position X, Store A has to invest a total bid rate of 0.50 Yandex units (including commission fee and CPC), whereas Store B has to spend 0.70 Yandex units.

Saving money on bids by ensuring a high quality coefficient

Scenario: The quality coefficient for Store A is higher than for Store B (for example, 8.7 and 6.1, respectively).

In order to get its product offers placed in position X, Store A must set a commission of 3% and a CPC of 1.66 Yandex units, while Store B must set a commission of 4% and a CPC of 2.20 Yandex units.