Rates and delivery periods

You can enter rates and delivery periods for your region in either the price list or your profile. You can only enter rates and delivery periods for other regions in your profile.

1. Enter your data source for rates in your region

If you want to transmit data in a price list for your region:

  1. Go to Settings → Shipping options.

  2. Mark the Use data from price list option and click Fill in rates.

  3. If necessary, enter additional information in the Additional text about the delivery field.

  4. Click Publish.

Then the element is used to transmit data delivery-options in YML and elements local_delivery_days, local_delivery_cost in CSV, XLS formats.

2. Set rates

Set in profile:

  • rates for your region (if you don't transmit them in the price list)

  • rates for other regions (the only available option)

How to set rates:

  1. Choose a region under Settings → Shipping options.

  2. Choose a rate and click Fill in rates. See below for how to select rates.

    Note. The Use data from price list option only displays for your region.
  3. Fill out the rates table. To enter a value, just click on the field.

    Rules for entering delivery periods:

    Delivery periods should be indicated in business days: the service will re-calculate this period and display it in calendar days based on your store's working hours and the work schedule of your delivery service.

    You can indicate either a specific number of days or a day range. Permitted range:

    • for your region: two days

    • for other regions: a maximum of four days

    For example, you can enter a range of 2-4 days, but not 2-10 days.

    If the delivery period is unknown, select the “Custom” option. For more information, see Сommon situations.

  4. If necessary, enter information in the Additional text about the delivery field (which is only available for your region). You can enter, for example, delivery time periods, if there is a fee for delivering to floors above ground level, etc. Don't enter data that you can enter in your profile or price list. For example, you shouldn't indicate that your store has a customer pickup option there.

  5. Click Publish.

Which rate to choose

This rate works if the delivery period and cost for a given region is the same for all your products regardless of their weight, price, category, etc.

Features of the “Category”, “Category and weight”, and “Category and price” rates.

  • These rates are linked to category ID. If a store uses the same ID from the beginning for one category and then for another, the delivery conditions may display incorrectly on Yandex.Market.

    For example, let's say a store set a delivery fee of 500 rubles for washing machines but then started using the washing-machine category ID for the teakettle category. In this case the delivery conditions for teakettles will mistakenly indicate that delivery costs 500 rubles.

  • If the store deletes a category from its price list and then adds it back, the rate settings get restored automatically as long as the store didn't change their rates during the intervening time. If a rate was changed, that category is considered to be new and gets added automatically to the “Other categories” group.

Example of rate settings

Example delivery conditions:

  • A store offers two types of courier delivery: expedited (next day) and standard (within three days).

  • Expedited delivery costs 500 rubles for any product (regardless of its price).

  • Standard delivery costs 300 rubles for products that cost less than 10,000 rubles. Products that cost more than 10,000 rubles are delivered for free.

  • The delivery period listed is only valid if orders are placed before 16:00.

Configure settings:

Select the Price rate since the standard shipping rate depends on the product price. Enter 10,000 rubles for products that cost “up to” that amount.

Tip. We recommend reading the common situations and questions and answers sections.