Delivery rates and terms

You can specify delivery periods and rates for your region as you see fit in the price list or in your personal account. Delivery rates and periods for other regions can only be configured in your personal account.

Different ways of configuring delivery terms for your region
Delivery method How settings are applied Number of delivery methods
In the price list

The delivery terms are specified separately for each individual offer.

In your personal account

Delivery terms are specified for groups of products. You cannot specify separate terms for individual products.


Source of rate data for your region

  • If you have decided to provide the rates for your region in your price list, then indicate this:

    1. Go to the Connections and setup → Shipping options page.

    2. Check the Use data from the price list option and click the Provide Rates button.

    3. Click the To publish button.

    In order to provide data in the future use the delivery-options element in  YML and the local_delivery_days , local_delivery_cost elements in the CSV, XLS formats.

  • If you have decided to configure rates in your personal account, then simply fill out the relevant settings on the Connections and setup → Shipping options page. See the instructions below.

Configuring rates in your personal account

Configure the following in your personal account:

  • Rates for your region — only if you do not include them in the price list

  • Delivery rates to other regions.

How to configure:

  1. Select your required region on the Connections and setup → Shipping options page.

  2. Select your rate and click the Provide Rates button.

    Note. The Use data from the price list option is only displayed for your region.
  3. Fill out the rates table

    Instructions for filling out the table:

    • Specify the delivery period in business days: when it is displayed on the service, this delivery period will be converted into calendar days based on the store's business hours and the delivery service hours.

      You can specify either an exact number of days or a range of days:

      • for your region — two days

      • for other regions — maximum of four days

      For example, you can specify a range of 2–4 days, but you cannot specify a range of 2–10 days.

      If the delivery period is unknown, then select the “Custom” option. For more details, see the Configuring Delivery Terms for Typical Situations section.

    • Specify the time in the field If you order before (local time in the store's time zone), and then the specified delivery period will only be valid when ordering before this time. For example, if you specify a time of 6:00 PM and a delivery period of two days, then at times before 6:00 PM users will see that the delivery period is two days, and at times after 6:00 PM they will see the period as three days.

      If you do not fill out the field If you order before, then the value of 1:00 PM will be used by default.

  4. Click the To publish button.

Example of how to configure a rate

Delivery terms:

  • The store offers two types of courier delivery: standard (within three days) and expedited (next day).

  • Standard delivery costs 300 rubles for products that are cheaper than 10,000 rubles. Products that cost more than 10,000 rubles have free delivery.

  • Expedited delivery costs 500 rubles for any products.

  • Delivery terms are valid only when ordering before 4:00 PM.

Fill out the settings:

Step 1

When taking all factors into account, the most appropriate rate is “Price”. You must specify 10,000 rubles in the field “before”.

The 10,000 rubles or higher” option is added automatically.

Step 2

You need to specify the cost of standard delivery (300 rubles) in the The cost and time column. The system will suggest that you add another delivery option: click Add option since you also offer expedited delivery.

Step 3

Next, you must specify a standard delivery period of 3 days. The system will automatically suggest that you select a cut off time by which an order must be placed in order for the delivery terms to be valid (according to the terms in the example, orders must be placed by 4:00 PM).

You should use the line for the second delivery option to specify the following expedited delivery settings: 500 rubles and 1 day.

Step 4

You should specify the standard and expedited delivery terms for products that cost 10,000 rubles or more: