Payment settings

You can configure payment methods in your store account or in the price list:

  • Settings in your store account take effect immediately for all products in the selected delivery regions.
  • Settings in the price list take effect only for a specific offer, but in all delivery regions.

Yandex.Market displays the payment methods if the store offers courier delivery in the regions. If your products can only be received via customer pickup, Yandex.Market won't display payment methods for them, so you don't need to configure payment.

Note. The quality control service verifies information about payment methods. If the information on a store's site or the information from its operators contradicts what the store publishes on Yandex.Market, the store will receive an error.
  1. Store account
  2. Price list
  3. Verification

Store account

Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.

You can configure payment separately for each region in which you indicated courier delivery. The configured payment methods will be valid for all products. How to specify payment methods:

  1. Go to the page Настройки → Доставка и оплата (“Settings → Delivery and payment”).

  2. Click on the region of interest.

  3. Select payment methods.

    Attention. Indicate a method only if it is valid for all products in the region. If even one product can't be purchased with a given payment method, don't select that method. Otherwise the store will receive an error.

How the selected payment methods are displayed to customers:

Specifics regarding the display of “Другие способы предоплаты” (“Other prepayment methods”) for customers

The option Другие способы предоплаты (“Other prepayment methods”) is displayed to customers (in the form of a “Prepayment” label) only in the case when it alone was marked. If options other than Другие способы предоплаты (“Other prepayment methods”) are marked, the customer will see those options and the “Prepayment” label won't appear.

Price list

If some payment methods are relevant only for particular products, configure payment methods separately for each product. Use the sales_notes element.

Note. The prepayment methods specified in sales_notes will be displayed in all delivery regions.

How payment methods from the price list are displayed to customers:


The quality control service verifies that your products can be paid for using the payment methods that you specified:

  • If you select a payment method in your store account and customers can't use this method to pay for a product, your store will receive an error. If the error occurs frequently, Yandex.Market will stop displaying all the store's offers in that region.
  • If you indicated an invalid payment method for certain offers in the price list, your store will also receive an error. If the error occurs frequently, your store may be disconnected from Yandex.Market.

To remove these restrictions, configure valid payment methods and submit a request for verification. You can do this on the page Отчёт по качеству (“Quality report”).