Step 5. Moderation

Once you've filled in all the necessary parameters on the Placement options page, click Send for review.

How to pass moderation

To evaluate all aspects of your store's operations, our quality control personnel go through the following checklist:

Quality control staff make sure that the store meets the Advertising requirements , including:
  • that the website is functional

  • that no products whose sale is prohibited are present

  • that the area code of the phone number matches the store's location (if registered in Russia).

For online stores, quality control staff also check:
  • data entered when registering the store: legal, contact, and delivery info

  • whether or not each product has its own webpage

Via the online store's basket

Quality control staff place test orders using your store's basket. If information about the price and availability of products in your price list doesn't match your site, or if an order confirmation is not received within one working hour after an order was placed via the basket, then your store does not pass moderation.

The error message indicates the date and time when the order was placed and the order number.

Moderation period and results

Moderation takes place within two business days from the moment when your site was sent for review.

The Chief representative and Administrators of your site will receive an email with the moderation results. If some problems were detected during moderation, the email will list all the errors that need to be addressed. After you correct them, you can send your site for re-moderation by going to Settings → Placement options.


Stores get six chances to pass moderation before connecting to Yandex.Market. The final decision on whether a store can be included in Yandex.Market is made based on the results of the sixth moderation.

If you successfully pass moderation, pay for placement of your store.