Step 7. Review by moderators

After you have provided all of the required parameters on the General settings pages, click the Send for review button at the bottom of the page.

How moderation works

In order to evaluate all aspects of your store's operation, quality control employees perform the following evaluations:

A support service employee will check your store for compliance with the Advertising Requirements , including to make sure that:
  • The site loads properly.

  • The store does not offer any prohibited items for sale.

  • The phone number matches the store's geographical region (so that it can be used by local residents).

  • The data that is specified at the time of store registration, including legal and contact information as well as delivery information, is shown on the site.

Testing the online store's shopping cart

A support service employee will use your store's shopping cart to place test orders. Your store will not pass verification if the information about product price and availability in the price list do not match, and if no order confirmation message is sent within one business hour after a test order is placed using the shopping cart.

The error message will specify the date and time that the order was placed as well as the order number.

Verification timeline and results

The verification will be completed within 2 business days after the site is submitted for verification (excluding weekends and holidays).

By the end of this period a message will be sent to the addresses of the Main Contact and the Administrators with information about the verification results. If any problems were found during verification, the email will have a list of errors that need to be fixed. After you correct the errors, you can again initiate the verification process for your site on the Connections and setup → General settings page.


The store gets six chances to pass verification before it is enabled. After the sixth attempt, a final decision is made about whether the store can be published on Yandex.Market.

Tip. To avoid potential problems, refer to the section Common types of errors.

When your site successfully passes verification, pay for placement.

Second moderation

Usually a store undergoes moderation only once: the first time that it signs up for the service. However, situations may arise when the store will be required to undergo a second complete verification:

  • The store independently disconnects itself from Yandex.Market for 30 or more days.

  • The store's placement on the service is canceled by the quality control service due to unreliability (for any period of time).